Meme Proposal - Publicity for whom? An analysis.

With Timothy Tiah's wittiness, he made use of 9gag's popular memes to propose to long-time girlfriend, Audrey.

Yesterday, this video was at 78,000 views. Today it's heading towards 700,000. Something is wrong with YouTube though, they're not updating the views real-time so don't be surprised if the views balloon up to 2,000,000 views tomorrow!

His documented marriage proposal video has the world slicing onions crying their hearts out.

Ever Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts singer) watched the video! (it's on her twitter)

In all seriousness, it touched my heart. Heck never knew I had one wtf.. Watch the video.

Marriage difficulty level: Asian

Congratulations to Fatty and Shorty!

Summore it's made in Malaysia.. the country that barely has any achievements. Fuiyoh

You can congratulate Audrey at her blogpost: (I'm her 165th comment woot)

And you can congratulate Timothy over here at:

Now, it's time for me to be a lil kepochi to identify the publicity this video generated for the following parties.

no.1 Timothy Tiah & Audrey Ooi Feng Ling

If you actually type 'Timothy' on, his blog is number one on the search results. The last time my blog was number one on Google's search result was when I posted up my brazilian wax post and generated 6,000 views over the course of 2 days before it fell from no.1

It's been 3 days and Tim's blog still maintains the top result so.. he must be getting about 10,000 to 30,000 hits on his blog.

As for Audrey her blog is top 5 in top google results. Can lah... how to compete with Audrey Magazine? Since she's a girl (as you know people are more curious about girls than guys), her blog must be getting about 20,000 to 50,000 hits to see her response to the whole thing.

Depending on their next blog posts, if it's spiffy enough they can capture 1000s of blog followers.

no.2 Nuffnang

As you know Timothy is made in Malaysia. And he also happens to be the big boss of Nuffnang.

Check it out here on wiki!

Nuffnang is the main blooger advertising community in Asia boasting about 150,000 blogs under them.

So this morning Nuffnang just posted up the video on it's fanpage. If it gets a buttload of shares their fan count might hit 34,000 to 36,000. Unlikely to balloon up to 50,000 since Nuffnang mainly targets bloggers.

no.3 Crazy Monkey Studios 

If you went to Timothy's blog ( he mentioned the name of the studio that produced the video.

In Malaysia people are known to copy styles from each other so if you hear a Malaysian girl shrieking 'i wan a video like tim and audrey!! dun care!!!!!' loudly at a kopitiam, don't be surprised. Right now  is also number one on google search results. No surprise if they gets a million phonecalls to produce wedding videos.

So goes the saying.. 'Fellas, we're in business!'

no.4 Neroteca, Kuala Lumpur

The restaurant mentioned in the video is, again, number one on google search results. Thanks to the meme proposal don't be surprised if everyone starts going to the restaurant to propose. If Neroteca is smart enough, they'll provide 'Surprise proposal discount' package bookings! If that happens, walauweh...

no.5 9GAG

9GAG may have generated a shitload of publicity for the video

But nerds like you and me know that not everyone knows about 'memes' or the existence of 9GAG.

The views on YouTube for the video will probably hit 3,000,000 in a week and people will be wondering 'wtf's a meme', and voila. More people will start registering at (which was originally from 4chan)

If you're still feeling all sad sappy and shit from watching the meme proposal video, this next video that's making waves around facebook will cheer you up.

Sam Insanity, over and out.

new Malaysian ringgit bank notes design for 2012


Are you seeing this?

Not sure if it's a hoax but apparently these photos were 'taken by Sinar with permission from Bank Negara.'

Looks like monopoly money..

I googled it and can't seem to find the news anywhere. Looks pretty authentic, but keep your second thoughts!

Sam Insanity, over and out.

*Note - The news is now official. The Star newspaper just published it yesterday evening!

North Koreans weeping for Kim Jong il video: Why are people hating on it?

So just a day before yesterday I surfing the net for some Kim Jong il news and found a video

Two days ago 40,000 views; today 4,000,000 views and climbing.

I am peculiar about this though..

Why is everyone hating on the video? 

Sure it's dreadful to hear, comparable to a mix of penguins and walruses barking out a mating call.. but don't you think it's weird for there to be so many hateful comments on YouTube?

People claim that this is proof that Kim Jong il has totally brainwashed the people of North Korea, but really now, if you were American and Obama died; wouldn't you shed tears for your leader? Seems like a very normal thing for me. (Although I wouldn't shed tears for Najib..)

Another thing to keep in mind, Asians tend to have a more closely-knitted community than westerners (who have a more independent-kind of community) so it might be a bit of a culture shock and a lil weird to see so many people crying together.

Furthermore, as you all know there has been a claim by John Perkins that the US government has been sending Economic Hitmen to developing countries, manipulating foreign policies and establishing US presence in countries throughout the world with lucrative monetary offers which plunge third-world countries further into debt and reap profit from them. If you remembered the video below.

Now, the country of North Korea has always been known to refuse conforming to US advances, closing off it's country to the public. Thanks to that, everyone thinks North Korea is filled with a bunch of pale-skinned malnutritioned asians who have never seen the sun in their life, operating military bases to produce nuclear warheads.. Puh-lease. Be realistic will you?

In my opinion, I feel the US government has unfairly kept the truth from its people and has been continuously launching a series of smear campaigns to portray Kim Jong il as a dictator, along with the other two (Saddam, Gaddafi). But who knows what the truth has been has been twisted into after so many decades!

Let's step back and take a break from all this finger-pointing.

Another video has been making rounds around the net (a much less dreadful one thankfully)

Enjoy this video, and have a smashing New Year's Eve.

~ Sam ~

NEW BLOG! 6 NEWS. Kim Jong Il dies. ChengMan's Prank, Google's let it Snow? Granpa Shufflers! Chris Crocker Left Britney Alone and bonus.


for Sam Insanity's blog reconstruction is now.... COMPLETE. 

I have spent 8 fucking hours going through useless HTML guides and doing everything myself just to finish my new blog template so.. 

Welcome to Sam Insanity.

Now, on with some real news. Check out what you missed in the last two days

no.1 Kim Jong Il dies 

Apparently this afternoon today 10 minutes after I woke up, Kim Jong Il passed away.

Could this mean the beginning of the unification between North and South Korea? It sure is the number one news of the day. Funnily, three dictators have died this year. But, are they really dictators? Or were they smeared with the term by the American government's propaganda in retaliation for interrupting loan payments set by the Economic Hitman? Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

no.2 The ChengMan's Sexy And I Know It Prank

The video says it all.

no.3 Google lets it snow 

Did you know Google has snowflakes today?! 

Go to right now and search 'let it snow'

If you leave your screen on until the frost covers everything, a Defrost option will come on.

Ah, and you wonder why people don't care about electricity being wasted.

no.4 Chris Crocker leaves Britney alone

Remember the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE guy?

Turns out he's left the Britney alone, the look that is, and now he's lookin' like a real man. Here's a recent video of that's been making waves

..still, his voice could pass as Justin Timberlake.

no.5 Granpa Shufflers. 

Say what? Start lmfao-ing at LMFAO people. Elderly people will beat your ass at shuffling. Any. Day.  

Good laugh among friends. Go gramps!

Bonus* Malaysian Latest College Scandal 

Malaysia Malaysia.. always with the scandals. Here's the latest college scandal on youtube.

Bet you pissed your pants.

You will not believe how many people have fallen victim to this one.. let's have a looksie below. 

And believe it or not, that was just yesterday. The victim count is heading towards 30 (trololol)

I've missed out on a lot while I was in Taiwan guys

What big news or funny videos have you heard of the past few days?


Fucked up blog

Okay, right before I was about to write a new blog post I was in the middle of revamping this god damned blog and the template I tested saved itself while I was having supper with friends. Fuck.

As you all know I haven't been posting much due to my videos, assignments and final exams; but I've also wanted to revamp the blog for a while now to suit my taste.

The blog is going under reconstruction. Tamadecibai this blogspot.. sigh.

Visit again in a few days!