Fake 4CHAN owner and liar Daniel Herbert Hobbs

Edit 03.10.12 * Showing him his own actions has opened his eyes. 

Me against a fanpage of 240,000; 
This is the point of me writing these blogposts.
This is the difference I can make; making individuals look at themselves in different perspectives.

As requested by me, a public apology from him.

I accept and forgive you Daniel Hobbs. 
You're just 20 and have much to learn about yourself and about this world.

Against Daniel Faggot Handjobb's fake conversation that looks deceivingly real, I decided not record a video showing the authentic messages. Bitch please it'd look like the work of a butthurtfag and no one cares anyway :yaoming: 

But I print-screened anyway to show you the real messages.

inb4 tl;dr you 4channers are being used as tools by a hipsterfag.

Before you continue reading, you should read from the last post on how I counter-trolled Daniel Herbert Hobbs the fake 4CHAN owner so hard he never recovered from the burn over here http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html 

^In summary up there, I exposed Daniel the fake 4CHAN page owner using real 4channers to do his deeds. After I got him to make a big deal out of it, he pwned himself by exposing his readers to the truth. 

So this Sunday afternoon I woke up to more amusing happenings on my Facebook today. Yay!

Downloading my photo to keep in your room, Daniel?

A print-screen that day and today of widdle butthurt baby Daniel attempting another troll, 
but failing miserably.

Oh here Daniel, let me enlarge it for everyone to see!

What if I told you, that was a fake conversation Daniel created from being butthurt?

He is using all of you who 'Liked' the 4CHAN page as tools. I proved it in my previous post.

 I don't have anything against 4chan, neither do I think 9gag is superior. In fact, 9gag.com is gay and disgusting. Don't believe me? You obviously haven't read this. http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html

Oh Daniel! I never imagined you'd resort to being so lifeless as to create a conversation putting words into my mouth to make yourself look good, deceiving your whole fake 4chan fanpage and using them as a tool once again.

Especially after you banned me from commenting on your fake page so you have a advantage attacking me while I was asleep. Very honourable!

And you sent me a nice Good morning message too!

Let's rewind. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzt!

Knowing Daniel would retort against my first blogpost.. 

I made sure to printscreen everything he did next. (;

After the events of http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html Daniel couldn't stop the butthurt from flowing and added my Facebook account. 

I know right? What a gaylord.

His idiot subscribers currently at 1500+ as of today after much begging from his fanpage. 

I actually thought you were coming onto me for a second.

Oh wait you did. You saved my photo and pleasured yourself editing it to the max didn't you?

Proof it was not created today, as of now.

Most importantly, you also sent me a hello message on my fanpage

(Not to be confused with my facebook account of the same name.)

Oh you're in for a big one Daniel!

Proof again was not created today, as of now.

So from the image above..

Let me show you the actual conversation.

Doesn't this sound more like the way Daniel talks like a fag on his timeline https://www.facebook.com/Demigod instead of this?

Over there he sounds a little too calm than his butthurt self. ^

Memes came from 9gag? You made me sound really retarded and butthurt there Hobbs! I'm flattered, you shouldn't have : ) You could have actually lived a life with your talented photoshopping skills!

Because that's exactly what liar Johnny Heward did when I crushed him! 

Let me set a few things straight.

1) Memes did not come from 9GAG.com Daniel, this is a very important lesson! 9GAG.com has been commercialising memes from 4CHAN and stealing funny posts from the internet! 

2) I don't work for 9GAG, you seem to believe everything on the internet! 

3) I laughed so hard when I saw that post. That doesn't sound anything like you or like me at all.

I'm sorry Daniel, that the fake conversation you must've forged for hours couldn't be used to properly attack me!

Was this all because I didn't accept your friend request, Daniel?

Either way, you and I know you're a lying TV salesman funnyjunk-admin dreaming 4channer wannabe who won't get anywhere in life.

Thank you though, for the free promotion.

I really do wonder how you're going to live with yourself knowing you've stooped even lower than Johnny Heward little Daniel!

Fake screenshots, can't really become real when you fail to capture how I write, Daniel.

Oh, and I'm still not going to accept your friend request : )

~Sam Insanity~ 
Slayer of Daniel Faggot Hobbs.


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    1. I meant Daniel. Good job Sam :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. As a 4channer this Daniel fag must die.

    2. ^and that's why you read the fucking post FIRST before jumping straight to comments, making a fool out of yourself.

    3. Lmao at 4channer betraying its kind. Simply fail.

    4. You people don't understand 4chan.
      Deep down inside we all have a little penis in our butthole.

  3. Sam, you're so fucking butthurt. 9fag kill yourself pls

    1. Sam's butthurt is written all over this entry and the others.

    2. Brace yourself, Daniel's brainwashed minions have arrived.

  4. hater's gonna hate anyway,
    daniel, you can't run away now


    1. Dude, I think there's a serious problem with your Caps...

  6. Daniel is the one being butthurt here. Next time, try to read and understand. K guys?

  7. The amount of the Dan guys fail is simply amazing. Lol.

  8. Are you guys serious? This proves why 9fags are fags "HERP DERP APPLY BURN TO WATER MATECHECK" you guys are fucking retarded. Daniel proves what kind of fags you all are yet you think you guys are the best.

    1. He didn't prove shit, all he proved is that he's a narcissistic retard and his fanbase are all fucked up in the head.
      Also both websites are shit, the internet needs to be destroyed...

  9. Both of you are idiots to be honest. Using the term "gay" as an insult and saying that it's wrong to be homosexual. The FB 4chan owner obviously has no life, but you still seem to take his bait and get emotional over his trolling. Either ignore him or really do take lawful measures and sue their page.

  10. @anon 8:24
    well obviously you're the one who is retarded,
    just read the article, there are evidences everywhere in the article.

    try not to be blind of the truth , if you have a brain , will ya?

  11. I just love reading about people fighting on the internet. I think I'll be needing more popcorn...

  12. lol that lying sucker.

  13. personally i find your both being stupid and childish, both of you are both attention seeking children like seriously posting up your arguments saying PAWNED, CHECKMATE etc etc, how old are u guys :/, i like 4chan and i cant personally stand 9gag (and before anyone complains Ive been on the site and its not to my tastes) so hes the competition between you two now, who's the bigger man of just walking away from this stupid argument my bet is neither of you

  14. You took all a lot of time and effort to make this blog and post all this crap. No one cares. You are both childish and need to get over yourselves. You are seriously arguing over facebook groups and internet pages...do you have nothing better to do?

    1. Does anyone here have anything better to do than read all this? Probably. Did that stop you from posting? No. So stop being all high and mighty and go outside yourself. Meanwhile, I'll be here laughing at the funny shit that's hitting the fan and raining down in little pieces over everyone.

  15. I think you dumbshits should both get a life and get off of the internet. Go out and start a career. Damn go out and meet a woman (or man if you prefer, no one's judging here)but I'm willing to bet that neither of you 'studs' are getting laid.

  16. how do i know this isnt all just photoshopped

    1. That's what I'm getting at, but I'm going with Dan because Sam looks gay as fuck

  17. You guys spend to much time arguing lol... suck it up like a man and stop wasting your time on it

  18. tl;dr, cool pics though

  19. you guys are childish

  20. Sam
    is a faggot
    9gag fucking sucks. <33

    1. how does it feel to be riding on dan's lap?

  21. 1) Who the hell ( apart from 9faggers) thinks faggot dan's 4chan facebook page as anything to do with 4chan ?

    2) buthurt ?checkmate ? I just see 2 people too shy to tell they want to fuck each other

    3) Sam, I understand you are a 9fagger and shit but your credibiliy is really close to 0 with such a profil pic

    PS: you and Dan are just two attention whores

    Yours sincerly

  22. Memes came from 9Fag?


  23. either way you still look like an Asian drag queen and if my gaydar goes off, then I don't listen to that person.

  24. I'm not siding with Dan, but seriously Sam, you are the one butthurt. And no matter how many times you use "Apply cold water to the burned area", you will not prove that even if you go to 9gag, you know much about memes. In your other post you've written you occasionally go to 4chan, yet you don't understand why 4channers call everyone gay. Clearly, you have never been there, because this is about the first think that you can notice about the community there.

  25. Wow. I must be seriously be bored out of my fucking mind to read all this butthurt.

    Better question: Who gives a fuck?

  26. Unanswered questions:
    1.What the fuck?
    2.How in fucks name did I get here?
    3.What sort of person makes a whole blog to express their butthurt?

    Daniel is sexy,he is my dream and I want him to rape me.'for the lulz'

  27. So you wrote an entire blog/research essay that clearly shows your obsession over him and your need of self-validation for being against him, in order to condemn him as being the butthurt one?

  28. Daniel slaves, daniel slaves everywhere.
    Anyway, good job on demasking that faggot.

  29. This is cute because you made yourself look like an idiot more than he did.
    He never cared, and frankly, you gave too many shits.

  30. So years have past since this whole stupid thing, and if you are honest with yourself, you can admit you were both in the wrong, its truly both sad and pathetic that people acted like this, you could of been the bigger man and not responded and just ignored it, instead you stooped to his level, which is a poor reflection on you. I sincerely hope you have grow up since this because here you both look like 3 year olds fighting over a broken toy.