North Koreans weeping for Kim Jong il video: Why are people hating on it?

So just a day before yesterday I surfing the net for some Kim Jong il news and found a video

Two days ago 40,000 views; today 4,000,000 views and climbing.

I am peculiar about this though..

Why is everyone hating on the video? 

Sure it's dreadful to hear, comparable to a mix of penguins and walruses barking out a mating call.. but don't you think it's weird for there to be so many hateful comments on YouTube?

People claim that this is proof that Kim Jong il has totally brainwashed the people of North Korea, but really now, if you were American and Obama died; wouldn't you shed tears for your leader? Seems like a very normal thing for me. (Although I wouldn't shed tears for Najib..)

Another thing to keep in mind, Asians tend to have a more closely-knitted community than westerners (who have a more independent-kind of community) so it might be a bit of a culture shock and a lil weird to see so many people crying together.

Furthermore, as you all know there has been a claim by John Perkins that the US government has been sending Economic Hitmen to developing countries, manipulating foreign policies and establishing US presence in countries throughout the world with lucrative monetary offers which plunge third-world countries further into debt and reap profit from them. If you remembered the video below.

Now, the country of North Korea has always been known to refuse conforming to US advances, closing off it's country to the public. Thanks to that, everyone thinks North Korea is filled with a bunch of pale-skinned malnutritioned asians who have never seen the sun in their life, operating military bases to produce nuclear warheads.. Puh-lease. Be realistic will you?

In my opinion, I feel the US government has unfairly kept the truth from its people and has been continuously launching a series of smear campaigns to portray Kim Jong il as a dictator, along with the other two (Saddam, Gaddafi). But who knows what the truth has been has been twisted into after so many decades!

Let's step back and take a break from all this finger-pointing.

Another video has been making rounds around the net (a much less dreadful one thankfully)

Enjoy this video, and have a smashing New Year's Eve.

~ Sam ~

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