The corrupted takes down The Official 9GAG Fan Group

On 8/8/13, The Official 9GAG Fan Group Arrie Ow 千惠and I founded a year ago which grew to 11,000 members of close internet friends all over the world, was unfairly taken down by the owner of for 'copyright issues'. It was swiftly removed by Facebook without trial and we were shocked all our efforts growing a beautiful community disappeared in a day.

As such, we have founded new group called Behind the Internet, for we are the internet.

We do not wish to associate ourselves with the word '9gag' or '9gaggers' anymore as we have given up on 9GAG for treating the users like money machines.

9GAG has long since lost it's fun and has become controversial for promoting product placements and advertisements by running them using bot accounts as debunked by reddit. Users such as us who have voiced out against the advertisements were blocked from commenting. is dead to us.

Welcome to Heineken Green Room 2013

Hello readers.

This year round, Heineken and Sam Insanity is bringing you the Heineken Green Room, returning this time on the 15th of June 2013 (that's right, next week!)

The most unique and talented individuals have been assembled in the Green Room.

Headlining Green Room will be a man coming all the way from Oxford,

 DJ TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) 

indie pop band, The Drums

as well as local representatives from Malaysia, our very own 

Twilight Actiongirl (TAG), 

The Deer Society and 

Darren Ashley

and everyone will be performing 9pm at KL Live, Malaysia. And as usual, it's only for those aged 18 and above only (god I feel old)

Here's a little of what you might expect from this massive event

Some songs produced by the artistes performing.
(click and sign in with your facebook)

For more info, go to the Facebook event at

See you next week!

My crazy Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go experience

Hello readers, how are you doing?

Today I write to you from the sea.

This is where I'm at! 

A few days ago I took on the Explorer-On-The-Go challenge and I'm sure you expected me to do well, but.. I didn't.

I arrived at Sunway Pyramid expecting to be paired up with our assigned teammates playing some trampoline grab the flags physical games kind of challenge, but it turns out we were given clues from an iPad and the goal was to look for stations around the shopping mall, and upon finding it we'd need to solve the question by giving the right answer.

The worst part of the event was when they decided to go ahead and start the race when almost all of us had a problem with our Live-Explorer-On-The-Go app because of the faulty internet. Most of us were shocked when they started without us because it was extremely unfair for 3 other teams to gain a huge headstart while we had to wait for our technical difficulties. My friend Diana from was forced to drop out because it took them 2 hours to fix her team's problem, and by the time it was too late to compete. They had the nerve to ask her to participate still, and I even heard one contestant who came all the way from Kuantan was forced to quit, I feel sorry for that person and feel they should be compensated for traveling so far. But probably the worst experience I had was solving the first question, which we guessed correctly and went to Parkson. The marshall however, told us we were at the wrong place. Confused, me and Hidayah went from the ferris wheel to the ice skating rink, to the ferris wheel and to the ice skating rink again which took us an hour. The marshall then approached us and apologised that we were actually at the right place, and I wanted to punch his teeth out. It was because if this and our delayed start that we lost, with much anger, frustration and disappointment. If they wanted to hold a competition they should have test-runned a simulation instead of dumping a pile of shit on us.

Nevertheless, no doubt the best part of the event was meeting my partner Nur Hidayah Binti Awanudin from

She was not only knowledgeable in giving the answers but also a teamplayer and a strong woman. You should see the way we struggled together on our first question, and in that dark our she encouraged us to be positive. It was unbelievable and it was because of her it was only how we manages to get so far and our teamwork was so good I could imagine Sam and Frodo from Lord of the Rings dancing around my head. By the time we were done being sent on a wild goose chase we'd have run around Sunway Pyramid a total of 8 times.

This goes to show that you should always have someone competent on your team to depend on and to always check your gadgets for being faulty before going on a journey. I only wish Hidayah was paired up in the winning team than lose together with me, talk about bad luck.

Right now I'm sailing further away from land and I have to say being stuck on a ship with nothing to do feels lifeless. It is at this time I wish I could watch Pearl Harbor and other tv shows. Next time I come onboard I'll definitely have Astro-On-The-Go installed on my mobile device so I can watch my shows anywhere I go.

Thanks for reading peeps

~Sam Insanity~

Ellen's Mirror Moves YouTube Challenge: Mirroring

My third video is out guys. Enjoy!

I am an unstoppable explorer.

Hello readers, I am competing in Astro's Explorer-On-The-Go contest and will answer a few questions.

"Why do call yourself an unstoppable explorer?" 

I immersed myself in all elements of


Me with a young biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia

Tracking into the forest to visit aboriginal people / "orang asli"


Scouting river otters

White water rafting with the famous Joey G., Patricia Knudsen and Bernama anchorman.

Need I mention I spent 4 months of my life in the sea and almost died? ->


Parasailing at Langkawi also in Miri and Brunei, 
also experienced in tandem-jump skydiving.

"What are your explorer characteristics?" 

I love touching everything, which isn't good all the time because sometimes it'd almost get me killed. Like that jellyfish incident when I almost died in National Service. I also like to check if I have a water bottle whenever I go out because of my mom's nagging which has become quite a habit. I also check the time and make sure I don't stay out till after 6pm to avoid traffic jams, which is also useful in the jungle because if you stay out that long you will end up in a pitch-black dark forest unable to see with no directions and finding 20 leeches sucking blood off your foot.

"What were the challenges you faced in your most recent adventure? And how did you overcome them?"

To be honest when I almost died twice out at sea I was really lucky. The first time was when a 1-metre long jellyfish "obor-obor" brushed against my right arm (you can still see some scars there) I ran for my life to the clinic (30 min) and reached just in time for the antidote. The one where I almost died recently around Thailand because severe dehydration and liquid mercury, we totally had no cure on board so I prayed for my life, and that is why you see me now.

"In your opinion, what is the essential gadget you can count on in your adventures? Mobile phone? Tablet? Camera?

I grew up in the 90s a time where Gameboys were just invented and Nokia 3310 just came out. I wanted a phone so badly and got it when I was 17 (sad). By the time I had a phone smartphones came out. Nowadays the essential gadgets I carry with me are a smartphone that can upload photos straight to my facebook (though when you're far out at sea there won't be any signal and you have to depend on the ship's radio) and also my DSLR camera the Canon 60D. Nowadays everyone can claim they've done something and honestly? There's a lot of bullshitters out there who can say anything, but I like to show that I've actually done it because it's the moments that count.

I love to go hiking every Saturday morning in the rainforest, and what makes it even better is that I can still catch my MasterChef Selebriti show (because I love cooking my own food) while I'm out exploring nature no matter where I am, thanks to Astro On-The-Go.

Darren Low of Nuffnung, I know you're reading this. I received your email twice (one in english and one in malay) and I am ready any time, any day to take on your challenge together with Diana from (hopefully we get paired up together).

This shall be fun. 

Thanks for reading readers

~Sam Insanity~

Sam Insanity does Gwiyomi

Get ready to puke guys. Video no.2 is up


-Sam Insanity

My WeChat disaster

Hello readers. 

Let me share to you what possibly was the worst day of my life. 

They say people can look happy on the surface and feel so miserable inside.

I look so damn happy right.

So I was invited on April 2 to WeChat's official launch party at Neverland Club in Malaysia. I was asked to be there at 7.00pm till 10.00pm.

Since I reached at 6.50pm and heard everyone else would be late because of the city's peak hour jam I thought I could kill off 30 minutes by surprising the party peeps with a new haircut.

I parked outside Piccolo hotel behind a row of cars and went into Fahrenheit 88 assuming I'd come out fast.

Before and after.

The nightmare began. 

K so the $50 dollar haircut took a freaking hour to finish because they washed, snipped, hairdried, my head. twice. Nevermind, I can make it to the party at 8.00pm and I'm happy with my new hair.

I came back found hotel security clamped my car. ($100) Nevermind, it's only 8.30pm, I go inside the hotel to pay it off.

Coming to the front I saw a police traffic summon on my window. ($300) Shit. I'll pay it off next month.

Two policemen in a police car stopped next to my car and pointed out my road tax expired 3 months ago. ($400) Fuck my life.

$100 + $300 + 400 = $800

Look mom, I just got a $800 dollar haircut. I can't wait for you to scream at me! :)

I won't lie, by the time I got to WeChat's launch it was 9.30pm and they were holding the lucky draw after I was arrested with my new dashing hair and paid the cops off.

It feels so fucking great to be here.

Although I missed most of the party.

And my wallet is $800 dollars lighter.

Mr. Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business
Must be feeling so lucky, while I feel like shit.

So a little about WeChat since we're on topic. Seems everyone is moving from Whatsapp to WeChat nowadays because of the following

It's FREE, unlike Whatsapp's 1 year trial period which is an annoyance to many.
You can send voice messages to friends, a.k.a making phone calls for free
Cuter emoticons, plus you can send pics and videos easily.

The only reason why I haven't moved from Whatsapp to WeChat is because I'm using a gay ass blackberry. Team iPhone soon

I was told WeChat now has 2 new ambassadors, rumored to be the famous Lisa and Shaheizy. If you feel sorry for me check them out.

So anyway guys, never do things last minute. Don't park anywhere you like like I do, and always be careful of the city or you'll end up with a $800 dollar haircut.

-Sam Insanity