Sam's back

Dear Diary,
Wednesday 31st of December 2008, 7.30pm-ish

I'm back from cold and chilling Europe, I had some fun but most of my energy was used up trying to keep myself warm :(

I just came back from Sri Lanka, I'm super tired and going to bed, details and photos tomorrow!


Going to Europe, 20th till 31st

Dear Diary,
19th December 2008, 8.50pm-ish

I'm going to Europeeee, the countries are Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, England.

I will be touring these places through a 12 DAY PERIOD.

Germany: Frankfurt, Heidelburg, Neckar River, Heidelburg Castle, Mount. Titlis, Lake Titisee, Rheinefalls,

Switzerland: Lecerne, Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Burgandy Vineyards, Dijon

France: Paris, Eiffel Tower, Concorde Square, Champs Elysees, Invalides, Seine River, Lourve Museum

Amsterdam: Dam Square, Zansee Schans Windmill Village. I'm going to see my online friend Desiree at Dam Square XDDD

Belgium: Brussels
, Grand Palace, Gothic Town Hall, Manneken Pis, Atomium Tower

England: Eurostar, Picadilly Circus, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, St.Paul's Cathedral Westminster Abbey, Parliament House, Big Ben, No. 10 Downing St. , Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace.

I'll be back on the 31st~ see you soon =]

Preparing for Europe

Dear Diary,
18th December 2008, 12.10am-ish

umm umm, I have to sleep early, I'll update this tommorow x]



Dear Diary,
17th of December 2008, 12.30pm-ish

Popular restaurant we went to, bill was RM161.65

It's a really tough choice to make, go studying, or keep working (which is against my beliefs)

I have finally founded the reason for my airheadedness o3o
And why it's quickly curbed with music, empty space + music = Awesome

So technically the inside of my head is actually a stage, hah

This bird-brained moron cut ahead of my car today and i horned the shit outta him, then i sped up to get to my spot at the traffic light, he actually blocked me off the road, is he stupid?

Then I cut ahead of him, and he stopped next to my car, winded down the window and spouted crap out while smoking lol, surely this is the kinda shit that could get me killed but I dont back down easily, but he drove a blue BMW, and i wondered how an idiot could have gotten hold of a blue BMW, then i mindmapped the possibilities

A) He stole it.
B) His dad gave it to him.
C) He secretly used his dad's car
D) Lowly petty thief who joined a secret organization of car hjijackers.

Eitherway what a fucking moron. I can't wait till dad gives me that handgun when I hit 21, then they'll shit their pants when I point at them. Though I wouldn't be THAT stupid, it's just not worth it, but I just wonder how idiots manage to survive in this world.

On a side-note, I really love feeling young and not growing up, but the sad truth I'm being hinted at; I HAVE to grow up in order to achieve my goals in entertainment. Which is really hard for me to accept

So I was just composing lyrics and the family went out for dinner.

Huge yummy dish of 'Wa Tan Ho'


Feeling amnestic

Dear Diary,
15th of December 2008, 11.30pm-ish

Sam feels like an airhead today =(
It's like, I forgot about yesterday, my past, my future my goal my plansmyhandphonewalletmyblahblahblahblah

You get the point, but what the heck, I can't even THINK for some weird supernatural reason, it's like there's a brick stuck on my head and my imagination's dead

Suddenly in the afternoon, I was thinking of the possibility that I may have another hopeless split personality growing from within me

what the hell's happening =(


Raging Hormones

Dear Diary,
14th of December 2008, 11.30pm-ish

This is my newly produced video, it's called Raging Hormones

I spent all Sunday on it right after Latin and Hiphop class, I hope my viewers enjoy it as much as my introduction =p


All four of my fangs were removed

Dear Diary,
13th of December 2008, 8.30pm-ish

That's me trying to smile at 10.30am in the morning after my teeth were pulled

Today's been one hell of a painful day, compared to last week's teeth extraction

the bleeding and pain was ouchhhhhh D:
I had to call cancel my piano class

Looks like there's a school reunion on the 26th of December, what a fucking great coincidence I had to be going to Europe on the 20th to the 31st this month =[

well, I have to sleep the pain off my teeth, it's Killing me and bleeding alot x[

only good thing about today is the video I posted at 1am in the morning's got 160 view hits

I tried producing another video but the pain kept distracting my ass off

sam feels really sore today~ ugh =(


Finally, my first video ever.

Dear Diary,
13th of December 2008, 2.30am-ish

Sam has spent all night creating his first video from 10pm to 1am and editing the youtube thingy till 2am gahh D<

here's the link, do watch it, i made it for fun but it's really hard to promote and get things started lol =3

watch ittttt

i'm going to bed =]


A House, that is a Home.

Dear Diary,
12th of December 2008, 12.45am midnight-ish

Is a Home, that's not just a house.

Wise words said by my father. Link the two together and you will see the importance of a 'Home'.

'It's the same.' you may say, but ah, it isn't; there is but a true meaning. :3

I am a billionaire, I own 400 houses, I own everything I want to own.
But now, all I want now a home, a place I can go back to, a family. I have everything, yet I have nothing.

In short, a 'home' is a place you love and has value, you treasure it until the day you die.

But a 'house' is just a place you stay in. It is material, it means nothing to you but money, it's empty in the sense that it's just an object, it can't give you love, it doesn't share a part of your life, it's just a roof over your head.

So dear friends, family, never live in an empty house, but live in a cozy home filled with love and memories that you can always go back to when you're old, heck die there even.

On a side-note, I watched 'The Day the Earth stood still' with my brother, was interesting, top actor Keanu Reeves and a beautiful actress were acting in there, but interesting is all it was. Just watch it if you're bored, otherwise stay home if you want to save your money. The 3D is really cool, it's the team that did the 3D for LORD OF THE RINGS movie, pwnage.



Dear Diary,
10th of December 2008, 11.50pm-ish

I think I could actually get famous on youtube!
I'm gonna work on it, it should be ready by next year :3
My arms are tired from extreme workout at gym, sleepsleep x3



Dear Diary,
9th of December 2008, 9pm-ish

No way. I never get bored, I always go by the strong belief that boredom does not exist, it is only the extreme feeling of peace that causes discomfort and make you want to actually do something.

But I FEEL IT, it's making me want to go EAT
is this part of growing up? totally BS mannnnnnnnn

I'm actually registering for Dominos Pizza Express Card 2009
(buy one Large pizza, get one free Jan to Dec 2009)

oh god my stomach's rumbling, earth is being invaded by potatoes
i'm ordering 2 regular pizzas and eating them now dammit


Men are better than Women. Not

Dear Diary,
Monday 8th of December 2008, 7.30pm-ish

Hmm I was sitting around today and wondering.

Which is the superior sex?
Sexism is the belief that one gender or sex is inferior to or less valuable than the significant other.

It's really funny as heck,
even in school I remembered this hilarious sexist battle we had in grade 8. The teacher asked a question, 'Can women live without men?'

The subject was intriguing and all of us split up immediately into a group of 8 boys versus the overwhelming number of 17 girls who made up most of the class, hah.

I was called up to give my view and I said 'You need us, to fuck. Otherwise I could picture a lonely 40 year old living in a house with 12 cats for comfort and the destruction of the human race'

Man, those 17 girls had the look on their faces like they were ready to strip me naked and hang me upside down by the balls to the ceiling fan,

IMMATUREE, atleast give me some credit for my boldness and extreme generalization relating to a man-less woman's social and sexual life geez

I was then countered by the usual silly ideas ranging from use of dildos to the research of stem cells and cloning (LOL) of women so no men were needed to provide sexually

Pardon me oh-so great women whose head is up in the clouds, but would you be so kind to dip your head into electrified freezing arctic water and proceed to the nearest coffeemaker to wake yourself up.

Some if not the majority of women in the world can't live without a man, some wouldn't even want to Think about adopting the lesbian lifestyle.

It's like this, stuff all the men in the world into a giant space ship and send them to Jupiter. Don't be surprised if you suddenly see millions of tiny space-pods chasing after the ship with flagsigns attached to them saying 'DONT GO' / 'I don't need plastic! I need a REAL man inside of me' / 'MEN DONT LEAVE US' / 'TAKE ME WITH YOU!'

Chauvinism is absurd. Men need a woman's comfort and Women need a man's support. Men need women's advice, Women love a strong, sexy man's guidance. Men are stronger physically, women are thrice more intelligent. You get the point.

I actually will assume misogyny and misandry starts when an overconfident independant woman or a lesbian who is what she is now either because of her flourishing career and overachievements in studies, or because of her bad streak with guys, starts bullshit like 'We don't need men', 'Men go to hell', sometimes for fun? But drama makes money and the media go round anyways.

Come on guys and girls, it's just ridiculous, we both counter each other's differences and love to flirt with each other anyway so what's the use in fighting, it's like saying we don't need spiders to exist in the world and Bong, the overpopulation of flies begin. Shame on you supremicists, it is a really fun subject though, here's some good quotes I read earlier this morning

Men vs Women quotes
  • "There are three things men can do with women: love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature." -- Stephen Stills

  • "Men are like a deck of cards. You'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks." -- Laura Swenson

  • "You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy." -- Erica Jong

  • "I've been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog." -- Wendy Liebman

  • "When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country." -- Elayne Boosler

  • "Behind every successful man is a surprised woman." -- Maryon Pearson

  • "In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman." -- Margaret Thatcher

  • "I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career." -- Gloria Steinhem

  • "Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry." -- Gloria Steinhem

  • "I am a marvellous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house." -- Zsa Zsa Gabor

  • "Woman was God's second mistake." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

  • "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb ... and I also know that I'm not blonde." -- Dolly Parton

  • "A woman may be able to change the world, but she will never be able to change a man." -- Amy Snowden

  • "What would men be without women?
    Scarce, sir .. mighty scarce." -- Mark Twain

  • "The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness and kindness, can be trained to do most things." -- Jilly Cooper

  • "I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back." -- Zsa Zsa Gabor

What, about my views on women?

I worship them, though not enough for me to get handcuffed and pwned by a dominatrix though. I'm not submissive =P

Same applies, if I have the usual 'I don't need you' aura around me, they literally just go nuts about me. Case closed? Never. Not until the drama and show-off-ing of feminity and masculinity ceases. It is one of the good and juicy things waste our time on though.

~Sam <3

You have only one Life

Dear Diary,
Monday 8th of December 2008, 12.50am in the early morning-ish

that hawt photo of myself. Tribute to my crazy obsessed goth-fashion lifestyle i gave up, even though it's still thrashing about and alive in me.

here ish samkitty's first lecture self-esteem and determination boosting enlightment that i'm about to teach you all, thats right bloggers and my viewers :3

you do know in my nature and religious belief, you have only ONE, Life. we are born to die.

that once you disappear after living a good 80 years you just disappear for good =[
your body will not enter a so-called Heaven or Hell, you cant repeat your life.

with this little knowledge, you can have a good reason to spend every second of it without regrets
and live your life to the fullest

well i want you, the person reading my blog

to ask yourself this question : Where am I standing? and where am I going?

this is reaaaally important,

how would you like to sell chicken rice everyday for the rest of your life until the day you die?
I admit, some people have no choice and have to live it that way.
But you're not someone who has no choice and is being lame all their life not caring what's gonna happen, you are the only one who has the power to decide your future.

I'm the type of person who wants to die leaving something for the world to remember me, I will be, a great man; and leave a mark on this world. Are you that type of person too?

Abide these saying dear ones, always be true to yourself while on your journey to discover your true self or else it'll be too late.

'This is who I am, Live with it or piss off' -Sam

'It's not about being who everyone wants you to be, it's about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it.'

'Shut your Mouth and Open your Mind'

'You can say Anything about me, as you please. But I am what I am, that's something you can never be.'

'Be who you are, say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who don't mind, matter.' -Dr.Seuss

'It is better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved by what you are not.'

'Sometimes when I say "Oh I'm fine", I want somebody to look me straight in the eye and say "Tell me the truth." '

'Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough, to tear them down.'

'Just do it.' -Nike

'Enter and test yourself in places you know you have the best potential with, beat your enemies to the ground.' -Sam

some things about Sam:

  • when i was a kid i wanted to be an artist (painter) easy money, lol
  • but i changed after i found out id have to be dead for it to get pricy
  • i really really really love drinking soya
  • in my teen schooldays id bullshit that i'll become a soya business man or something
  • soya shampoo, soy cafe, alot of ideas, even now i dont want to give up that idea
  • i didnt have the heart to study back then, my grades were doomsday on a burger
  • im like water, i just keep moving
  • i think my bro interested me in the entertainment industry
  • this is why im going in circles, i havent decided on my passion
  • i need a consolidated plan to save my future while i enjoy whats left of my life, even though it contradicts with my 'Just Do It' motto, same as Nike
  • i cant go on working for my dad forever and inherited whats not made by my own hands
  • working for my dad is against my nature, it traps me and teaches me things i dont like to learn
How things in life are looking and where they're going, please, look at it and see if something ain't right. =]

~Sam <3

Malaysia + Aircond = love

Dear Diary,
7th of December 2008, 7.20pm-ish

I woke up today at 1pm strangely, after falling asleep yesterday at 12 midnight when i was supposed to wake at 8am. D=

This proves my aircond is dangerous, i want to have my normal 8 hour sleep grr
but now i think about it, i dont really have a choice living Malaysia x[
sleeping without an aircond is suicide, it's like you sleep in a sauna room or something

today's hiphop and latin dance went really well, but stupidly i forgot to take pictures of myself and ask the instructor for some song titles to download so i can practice ;o

referring to the post below, i'm getting my 3rd and 4th tooth yanked out on the 13th, it's nothing really, compared to an online friend i had who had all 4 wisdom tooths and 1 broken tooth yanked out all in one operation -scream- Dx

it costs RM70 to pluck 1 tooth out, i seriously think i should tie a string and pluck it out on my own :3

well diary, i feel really sleepy, i have so much to dooo but i wanna sleep.
i'll just write it down so i dont forget

  • urgrade proposal
  • discuss with dad about taking the Mass Comm course at Taylor's
  • update music in phone
  • practice piano and guitar daily
  • keep on writing lyrics
  • practice hiphop at gym and latin dance in house daily
  • work more on my triceps, chest and trapezius at gym
  • take replacement class for piano next week
  • pay for hiphop & latin dance class RM300 for all brothers
  • sayfol reunion, pfft
  • think of what to bring to Euro trip
  • plan much better life goals
hmm, i didnt think i had so much to get done

imma get to bed diary

~Sam <3

They pulled out my teeth today

Warning, the following may show graphically explici-

ah fuck it youre all 18 or have the mindset of one anyways

Dear Diary,
Saturday 6th of December 2008, 1.30pm-ish, delayed to 1.50pm because of excess bleeding

The left side of my upper and bottom tooth today was pulled out, there's alot of blood :P
those're the painkillers i'll have to take every 4 hours (Panadol)
now now girls, no eww or getting traumatised over seeing a pair of teeth, you have to think like grownups ;D

i dont wanna grow up so i'm gonna say.. THIS IS SO COOL OMFG ROFLMFAO <3>

I had to change the tissue every 15 minutes once the cotton things absorbed the blood from the extracted hole-thingy, i've already flushed 3 bloody gifts down the drain,

hope (our local city sewer cleaners) Indah Water's gonna love their christmas present.
thats the thanks i'm gonna give them for sending me a RM48 bill every half a year

It was fucked uppp in the dentist's receptionist counter, while i was discussing with them about making another appointment on the 13th to extract my other 2 teeth (right side) cuz i'm going to Europe (Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, England, Germany) for 12 days from 20th till the 31st of December 2008 on a vacation

Blood DRIPPED out of my numb-injected mouth and fell all over my WHITEEEE shirt and the reception (it was an amazing experience, the nurses were screamingg XDD i loved it.)

and everything was like emergency room situation O= they rushed my into a room and changed my cotton (i'm still numb and bleeding as i type :3 )

my lips look fat cuz of the drug injected into my gums, i cant feel a thing ;o
but i have a scary feeling i'm not going to be able to smile like in the photo once the numbing-effect runs out, the pain's going to be legendary ^______^ bring it.

The operation was funny, the doctor asked me to close my eyes so i wouldnt have to see the needle, otherwise it would traumatise me or something,

hell i've been through worse when i did my blood test, while i was in the hospital a month ago, the doctor took 1 whole injection of blood from my body right infront of my face, needle sticking into my hand and shit, it was AWESOMEEEE

gah, it's 2pm now, i have to drive to my Piano class at Cheras as usual but i'm more worried about my bleeding, gonna have time to practice my piano notes since class starts at 4pm :P

ahh shit the cotton's full of blood, i have to change it again, fun ;3

~Sam <3

A durian fell on my head

Dear Sexy, wait.. diary, yeah diaryy
5th of December 2008, 6.45pm-ish

my most sane line will be the first line after this sentence you're reading 'that photo up there was the drink i drank 8 times (coffee) i sat there from 3 to 5.40pm talking nonstop so everyone was staring at me lol -dead-'
I think i'm drunk. or poisoned by caffeine
My insane world dominating out of control devil has been summoned
no i'm not horny
i'm sane but insane
each 2 minutes my head slams on the

tell you what happened today 'One day samkitty had a meeting with one of my dad's company manager and we sat down with my good friend and discussed super secret planss from 11.40pm to 3pm and finished and the guy went back and i discussed nonstop with my friend migrating from starbucks coffee to a chinese restaurant that gives free tea/coffee refills and samkitty took in 8 glasses of coffee with ice and kept on talking and having ideas nonstop write them on paper went to piss at a toilet twice and finished talking at 5.40pm then i drove really well while drunk and here samkitty is typing away going to sleep at 7pm and waking up not-drunk at 7.30pm to jog to gym and have the new taekwondo class at Gold's Gym, will samkitty make it in time? is it too late for our hero? holy ***t i'm drunk but not drunk -slams head on table- not The End' and so i completed that rant in a record breaking 3 minutes because of that stupid coffee (each drink is worth RM4 but its free refills) andi completed my first rant without full stops yay.

oh man it's 7pm now, i have to sleep and go to gym with kristian (the great height man from sayfol) and we dine in hell, tonight. wait i'm full -headacheheadacheheadacheheadache- :3

i just remembered i have to pluck out a tooth tommorow at the dentist, yumm

~saM (shit typos.. -dead-)

RM 16 million a month

Dear Diary,
Thursday 4th of December 2008, 11pm-ish

Pic of my when I got out of national service *shivers* i hate being bald

And so I was rushing to finish my proposal today, balancing it with office work, yummy. =/
went undercover phoned all of kuala lumpur's most famous shopping complex's leasing department

then i was asking about the rental 'may i know the average pricing of your area per square feet?'

mid valley gave me RM35 to RM 50

Pavillion KL gave me RM25 to RM 40

KLCC was fully occupied

Times Square needs a business proposal, skip skip

Sungei Wang and Plaza Lowyat are both RM 12.. yummy

so if i rent a 3,000 sq ft area at mid valley, they'll earn RM40,000 per month holy shyttt
and they have 400 occupied lots. in short? RM16,000,000 a month. bam

cant go clubbing today, pfft LAME D:

but i have an important meeting tommorow.. i hope it'll work out

still thinking of studies. grr
, frustrating

Zits. nobody loves em'

Dear Diary,
Wednesday 3rd of December 2008, 11.15pm-ish

As usual gym on Wednesday, I found a good exercise to work on my trapezius :3
I bought that nice checker pattern shirt for RM49 from a friend's shop, it came with a tie but i think unbuttoned is better~ wait.. it doesnt look good unless my chest is buffed up D:

i love my phone (N82) but I also hate it for showing so much of my zits
my zits and high cheekbones make me doubt i can model, i mean i've been a promotional model before but i dont think i can do normal modelling despite my good 6' height =(

i have tiny scars on my face, unnoticeable until you look closely, and scars from zits from long ago
i hope dermatologists have some kind of surgery for my pimples and treatment for the scars, otherwise i'll keep having a low self-esteem, i know online girls just love my face but the local ones dont seem to be showing any interest in me, im losing confidence! T-T

i confess i have been anorexic for the past 8 months, my face used to have a round shape, now i have effing protruding cheekbones making me look like micheal jackson and Lee chong wei ~sigh~ i hope one day i can look at my face and smile proudly at it without searching for blackheads and zits, its an issue thats been plaguing me since i was 16

2 days left till amanda flies in here from singapore, its going to be fun shopping around with her :)
3 days left till my bottom right tooth gets extracted, this is gonna be so cool.
i keep wondering about going back to study, this time in taylor's college for Mass Comm,

i'm a people's person who also balances time with myself, but is isnt easy to study literature and politics is it, i heard those're required in mass comm, i hope to host a tv channel one day, i'm alright with being a deejay. But how in the world am i going to take on the world's sexiest men and achieve that title with red blots and zit scars on my face x[ i'm super confident of my personality though, nothing can stop it.

well, time to put on some Elianto moisturizer and get to bed, good night for now, there's a new Tae kwon do class at Gold's Gym 8pm, i'll go check it out with Christian.


My legs!

Dear Diary,
Tuesday 2nd of December 2008, 9pm~

Theyre dead, and my stomach is big, and i mean really :(
i thought it takes 4 hours to digest food, those liars D:
must be from yesterday's overeating T___T

the good thing is my triceps and abs are hurting
that means i've worked them out really well :P
the bad thing is, my legs hurt like a prick stuck at the crotch cuz of the hip hop moves
i was practicing at gym also yesterday, i'm worried i cant practice dancing at gym tommorow, HEAL you darn things, HEAL



Dear Diary,
Monday 1st of December 2008, 11pm

Today I drove to work, as usual ~__~
jogged to gym and practiced some hip hop moves until i felt the burrrn, i couldnt lift my leg heel as high as my calves, ouchy (o 3o)

only thing unusual today was that I ate 2 whole chickens 3 plates of rice 1 big plate of a chinese raw egg dish (looks like escargot) and 4 bowls of soup

I look like santaa, but i wont post my photo of it because it'll destroy my model-image i'm working hard to preserve ._.

ohmigod im gonna diee~

-temporarily found dead slumped on my bed-
-with pukey pouty face- eww.

-Sam <3

I'm going to Ms. World paegents to dance next year

Dear Diary,
Sunday 30th November 2008 posted around 11.40pm~

It's true~ I danced with Ms. Malaysia World, she's also a student at our Dance V Me academy, and we were practicing latin dance steps =o

I didnt get any photos yet because there's no one to hold the camera while I'm dancing :[

At first I thought she was really tall, me being 6 ft and she was almost the same, until i looked down and saw her wearing some heels, have to admit though, she's tall for a Malaysian girl, the average height of a Malaysian is 5'3 XDD

The way we look into each other's eyes is weird, she's like smiling at me and I'd just smile back, the usual dudes would be like OMG MISS MALAYSIA *runsaway* but geez, look around you, President Bush, Michael Jackson, Jay Chou, Tom Cruise, who ever they are, they're all human, just dressed fancy, they're the same as you, your're the same as them. It's their achievement that makes people stupid, naturally :/

While I was dancing (Disco Rock) with Sarah today, she's kinda shy around me I guess? and tells me to relax myself alot, I AM relaxed, I just go with the flow but I think she's the one who needs to relax haha :p

We switch partners everytime we finish steps, but she was like 'no not the guy next to us!' and I was laughing like heck, because he was so small and skinny. 'He'll drop me', luckily he just almost fell down. e_e;

My instructor wants me to go to the Ms. World contest and dance with the pageants, I mean how awesome is that? 50 of the most amazing women from 50 nations, dancing with them? Holy ***t

Initially she said 31st of December 2008, I was like 'that date's so near' heck, I'm going to Europe for 12 days from the 22nd to the 31st December to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, England and Germany (the effing package costed RM50,000 for 6 people omfg D= ) so tough luck, but she's gonna to stick me in the group for next year's Ms. Malaysia (August) and Ms. World (Decemberrr) for 2009.

Thinking about it, if the world is watching me dance with the pageants, maybe a record label company might look into my profile and ask me to work with them, it's a possibility =D

So i'm pumped up to dance every god damn day and improve on my Latin and Hip Hop steps, even at gym, at the office, wherever. D<

It's 12am midnight, I'm going to bed~ :]

My religious views

Dear Diary, Sunday 30th November 2008
11.00pm-ish ._.

I don't believe in god and religion you see, it's a waste of time, money, a burden, and every second you spend committing to it, will result to nothing in return. =|

God to me, is just a figment of imagination cooked up by old historic generations to instill fear in people that if they do not pray, they will go to hell. So where is hell? =O
Ah, questionable. No one in the world can answer it, or either 'hell is in another dimension, space, vortex blahblah' they say, well have you seen heaven or hell yourself? No. those who say yes have no living proof.
Think about it. Is there a frog heaven? a bunny heaven? haha xP

Another thing i hate religion for, the advantage to scam individuals of their wealth or possessions. Every god damn time I read The Star newspaper I'd read about people giving donations to churches, temples and stuff like that :/ Helloooo, the money can be used to help real LIVING people who currently are Dying instead of building new churches and statues or something Dx

Just because I believe in ghosts, doesn't mean i believe in God. The Holy and the supernatural have huge differences. I've had supernatural encounters, no godly ones yet. People who are ignorant love to simply say things

'Believing in God is good for the soul' my friend, and my aunt said. Then i say work for my happiness; and everything that happens, happens for a reason. you're not born into a poor family because you've done bad things in your previous life, you dont get reincarnated when you die, or go to heaven or hell depending on how you've lived your life or how many sins you've commited.

so why am i not a rapist or a psycho killer if i believe i have nothing to lose when i'm dead?
because i believe, that you have to be a good person, until the day you die. Atleast that's one of the best things i've learned while i'm still living.

My point? There is no God.

i use my eyes to confirm my doubts so deal with it. don't try to share your religion with me, it's impossible for you to win me over. i'm not encouraging you to give your religion up, or trying to offend all of the world's religion, but i can make you question god, your god, my god and your friend's gods. So what right don't I have to say I am a God myself if he/she/it's existence is something questionable?

My first blog, ever. Introduction, goals, my life. =D

'Sam' written by Sam
[skip if you hate old English]
Twas a barren land,
Ye Oceans be calm and still.

There be hot winds,
Bloweth; Whirled ye soils so furiously!
They danceth with such liberty,

Smasheth! Destroyeth.
Crumbled- against ye soul's mighty chest
"Soul, there be you." said the holy

An' he stoodeth there still.
Proof he travelleth long an' tedious
Ye envious earth, eroded his footsteps,
not too long ago.

"Strange man, I be-eth an angel"
The hooded one budged nought.
"Art thou but a common man,"
With extraordinary potential?" she ask-eth.

"Nay, young maiden" spoke he;

"Who are you?" spoke she.

"Watch from the Heavens, young maiden."
"Because, at my journey's end"

"I'll be hosting a show on channel 8."

haha, geez i totally ruined it at the end

i'm Sam, no my age is a secret, i'll let you guess if i'm korean, chinese or japanese ;]

i'm a non-practicing Buddhist, secretly Atheist until lately i found out i'm actually Agnoist o_o
if youre interested in my views in God, it's the 2nd post after this one

[Note: You can skip this part and scroll down if you want, until you see the word Bunny <3>]
  • _i seriously almost died ~twice~ when i was a baby.
  • ~i don't like revealing my age
  • ~i'm nice~ ^_^
  • ~i have a good heart :)
  • ~i'm very romantic :P
  • ~i'm adventurous >:3
  • ~warning, obsessive use of :3 <- the cute face emoticon
  • ~unlike most of the dweebs you've met, i'll actually sit down listen to you. : )
  • ~taking vocal lessons :) guitar~ piano~ *puts finger under my lip*
  • _dancing~ (hiphop and latin dance)
  • ~i go to gym regularly~
  • and i work as a secretary/office boy/property manager at the same time ~_~"
  • ~my commitment to music is important
  • _i must reach my goals and keep. . push forward o:
  • _gain international fame and recognition ;o
  • _moving on. . life's too short, i regret every second i spend doing nothing
  • ~i know, i'm not ordinary~
  • _and when i die. . .
  • _i want my body to be burned. . my ashes spread across the ocean
  • ~freedom. . . how i long for it
  • _in short on my musical tastes, listen to jpop/jrock, english and korean music r & b some rap, ballad, country, mostly rock and pop.
-Talk to me when you see me, you coward. ;P

(Bunny <3)
No i'm not rich, i'd call myself well-off because the money's not mine~
even my car used to belong to my mom

samkitty ish not interested in financial success
but leaning more to the attitude of living life to the fullest and not letting fear or snotty-arrogant-self-centered-labeling no-life critics stop me from taking on what I want. :p
i mean who do they think they are to say 'hey no-dick trans, hey dumb gay dude, hey suicidal emo, hey small-cock chink, wok-eyes, list goes on' idiots, worse than trash if you ask me.

I don't ever want to grow up. ;D

*has a hand rubbing against my hair* so basically, i'm training to be an entertainer who can cover most, if not all of the entertainment industry's sector =D
As you read through my daily life, you will discover my joy, my pain, my happiness, and my hardship. Examine how I'll manage to conquer and defeat my obstacles. Hopefully i will motivate you to be a better person, at least that's what I hope my blog can do to you =]

Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuu for taking your time reading. <3
comments? :3