The death of my dear friend. . and my sceduled performance

Dear Diary,
10th of May 2009, 6pm-ish

Diary, I am deeply saddened by Amanda's death, it was such a shock for her to die so early. It happened when she was riding with her friend Tomo to watch the new Wolverine Origins movie and a truck smash onto her car where she died on the spot, Tomo is currently in a coma, and her boyfriend? Let's just say he's a broken man right now.

I hope to set up a good date to go with Amanda's best friend Rachel to visit Amanda's grave soon hopefully. I will never forget you hun.. we almost became a couple if you hadnt fallen for another guy x] I'll visit you, I promise. Somehow I want you to watch my performance from somewhere, kisses to you.

My life is going in a good direction I guess, I haven't gone anywhere near confessing to that girl I like, but maybe it'll be soon, bwaaaaah~

Venue: Leisure Mall on May the 6th of 2009
Performance: Hip hop dance

Venue: Leisure Mall on May the 13th of 2009
Performance: Singing.
Song: Sway by Michael Buble


Bad time

Dear Diary,
May the 6th 2009, Wednesday at 11.57am

Diary, I've been thinking less about my future and more about my love-life, it's a very bad direction to be heading to. The road to Love leads to marriage, which is the fastest shortcut to marriage and it's been hard for me to resist, because she is such a beautiful girl. I don't know what I like about her, other than her smile, I think about her all the time. I don't want to, it really throws me off my focus on a singing career but lord help me I'm falling hard for her and it's really annoying.

One fine day out of the blue I told her I liked her, and she told me to stop kidding around so I just went with that. Shows a large indication that I'm likely to get rejected. After all, it's adult life; she's busy with her studies, I'm busy with my classes. I still desire to launch internationally, but I'm saddened by the progress I'm making. My exam's coming in a month and I haven't picked up on my book. I have to perform at Leisure Mall sometime around June but something else is on my mind. I need to get back to my roots, haven't felt adrenaline for a while now.

I know this crush is stupid and hopeless, yet I am helplessly longing to be with her. I don't want the dream to end so quickly, it's a big waste of time if you ask me. I have to cut my heart out and forget her before it's too late.