Sam Insanity does Gwiyomi

Get ready to puke guys. Video no.2 is up


-Sam Insanity

My WeChat disaster

Hello readers. 

Let me share to you what possibly was the worst day of my life. 

They say people can look happy on the surface and feel so miserable inside.

I look so damn happy right.

So I was invited on April 2 to WeChat's official launch party at Neverland Club in Malaysia. I was asked to be there at 7.00pm till 10.00pm.

Since I reached at 6.50pm and heard everyone else would be late because of the city's peak hour jam I thought I could kill off 30 minutes by surprising the party peeps with a new haircut.

I parked outside Piccolo hotel behind a row of cars and went into Fahrenheit 88 assuming I'd come out fast.

Before and after.

The nightmare began. 

K so the $50 dollar haircut took a freaking hour to finish because they washed, snipped, hairdried, my head. twice. Nevermind, I can make it to the party at 8.00pm and I'm happy with my new hair.

I came back found hotel security clamped my car. ($100) Nevermind, it's only 8.30pm, I go inside the hotel to pay it off.

Coming to the front I saw a police traffic summon on my window. ($300) Shit. I'll pay it off next month.

Two policemen in a police car stopped next to my car and pointed out my road tax expired 3 months ago. ($400) Fuck my life.

$100 + $300 + 400 = $800

Look mom, I just got a $800 dollar haircut. I can't wait for you to scream at me! :)

I won't lie, by the time I got to WeChat's launch it was 9.30pm and they were holding the lucky draw after I was arrested with my new dashing hair and paid the cops off.

It feels so fucking great to be here.

Although I missed most of the party.

And my wallet is $800 dollars lighter.

Mr. Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business
Must be feeling so lucky, while I feel like shit.

So a little about WeChat since we're on topic. Seems everyone is moving from Whatsapp to WeChat nowadays because of the following

It's FREE, unlike Whatsapp's 1 year trial period which is an annoyance to many.
You can send voice messages to friends, a.k.a making phone calls for free
Cuter emoticons, plus you can send pics and videos easily.

The only reason why I haven't moved from Whatsapp to WeChat is because I'm using a gay ass blackberry. Team iPhone soon

I was told WeChat now has 2 new ambassadors, rumored to be the famous Lisa and Shaheizy. If you feel sorry for me check them out.

So anyway guys, never do things last minute. Don't park anywhere you like like I do, and always be careful of the city or you'll end up with a $800 dollar haircut.

-Sam Insanity

Sam eats a cockroach at Asia Cafe

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have launched my brand new YouTube channel.

The day has finally come for my first YouTube video.

As stated in the title, this is not for the weak-hearted.

 -Sam Insanity