Agent 7.7 MISSION 3.1 - Traitor

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"Out of a sudden, a gunshot jolted Agent 7.7's from his thoughts and he turned around...." 
He turns around and sees Mr. Akino’s body laying on the ground.

It was Agent 10.1 at the door way; shaky and out of breath and covered in dirt. 

 ‘I rushed here as soon as I could. I identified the spy on your tail. It.. it was him.’
Agent 7.7 walked over to the body and inspected it. He slid his hand into Akino’s breast pocket; pulling out a vial crested with the letters D.O and checking his phone for messages.

With this new knowledge, Agent 7.7 knew he had it all.

The best plot-twister to twist my story could win yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 3.0 ..Adolf Hitler?!


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HQ is relaying the target’s position via satellite. Thankfully, with the 1.4 GHz core processor, Agent 7.7 receives the information in no time. Cameras on the scene are quick to pull up an image in real time. “Finally”, Agent 7.7 thought, “the identity of the villain will be revealed”. He rubs his hand in anticipation only to find out something totally unexpected.

Agent 7.7 raised his eyebrow and tilted his head simultaneously
‘Adolf Hitler?’
‘Now this is a truly strange turn of events.’ muttered König.

Agent 5 was just speechless.

‘Back in 1940 there was one occasion I heard about where leaders met secretly somewhere in Siberia for..’

‘For what?’ asked the curious Agent 5.

König looked at her with a serious expression on his face. ‘Cloning experiments.’

Agent 5’s mouth flew open.

‘Well’, Agent 7.7 scratched his head ‘as strange as it sounds it looks like we’re going against Adolf Hitler then. We don’t have much time. Let’s head to the D.O’

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 2.2 - King

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Agent 7.7 receives a call from HQ and found out he's fired.

“Alright Mr. Akino.” Agent 7.7 disconnected the call that just came in with a stone-faced expression. He clutched his compact Glock 19 handgun and hand-signalled to Agent 5 as they silently advanced towards the control room.

In another room a man is seen putting the phone down but was soon alarmed by the click sound of a loaded gun behind him.

‘Put your hands on your head.’ demanded Agent 7.7.

‘What right do you have to authorise Agent 7.7’s discharge?’ questioned Agent 5.

The man spun his chair around, ‘I didn’t. It was a Level 6 cease-and-desist order from the top’.

Level 6? Agent 5 lost her posture, ‘But that would mean..!’

‘The Big Boss; König the King.’

König, a german word for ‘king’. The man was a legend amonst all agents and predecessor to the current directors who went missing years ago.
An elderly voice full of authority suddenly came from behind.

‘Lower your weapons.’

It was non-other than King himself. Agent 7.7 quickly pointed his Glock on his forehead ready to shoot.
‘There’s a mole in the agency who’s been framing me for..’

‘I won’t say it again, lower your weapon.’

Agent 7.7 held his stand for a moment and lowered his arm.

King walked towards them ‘I know there’s a scum hiding in the agency’ stopping right in front of Agent 5.

‘This is national-security level threat that wasn’t decided one fine day. This predicament was planned for years by a mastermind and it could involve delegates, the royal family and many leaders from other countries’.

He turned to Agent 7.7, ‘A grand plan is at hand and I’ve been tracing this bastard for years.’

König put his hand his coat to pull out something that seemed alarming but turned into a surprise. He had a GALAXY Tab 7.7 of his own.

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 2.1 - Suspicion

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Agent 7.7 was alarmed. Something was not right. Someone in a high position was involved!

‘The Dignitary Official event held once every 2 years.. it all makes sense now.. for goodness sake Agent 7.7 get dressed!’ said Agent 5 as she tossed some clothes at him.

Agent 7.7 picked the bundle of clothes. He sighed and tossed his GALAXY Tab 7.7 aside.

Hey! Be careful with that!’ roared Agent 5.

Agent 7.7 rolled his eyes. ‘Relax. It’s stainless steel. Even dropping it from the second floor won't even give it a scratch’.

As he put on some suave-wear , he couldn’t help but seem sceptical about the whole situation. This unsettling feeling.. something isn’t right. It all seems.. too… easy. But we’ll have to deal with what we have.. for now.

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 2.0 - Faces

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Agent 7.7 is reviewing the photos he took of the day’s earlier pursuit. From the naked eye, it seems as if it was just a meeting between two men yet the Super AMOLED Plus screen reveals everything in minute details and it seems like a small vile was exchanged. He enlarges the photo and saw the initials D.O on it.

These men look important.. Enlarging the image some more the glass vial revealed a small note.

“You’ve put on some weight”.

Surprised more than wary, he recalled this woman’s sharp tone of voice coming from the shadows.

This voice.. “Agent 5, is that you?”

The person walked forward and indeed, in front of him stood none other than the agent he worked with in his previous mission in Africa interrogating rebel leaders.

“It’s been a while, Agent 7.7”, said 5 as she threw him a skeptic look. “You’re pretty underdressed for today’s weather.”

Could she be..

Agent 5 smiled. “Relax. I’ve been spying on you since Casablanca. I got word from my sources in Russian intel that-”

Agent 7.7 went in deep thought before cutting her short.

“..there’s a mole in the agency.”

“How did you-”

“I was assigned to gather new intel for a sting operation and receive a package at this club. Someone got to me last night and brought me back to the hotel; and only the agency knew where I stayed.” Agent 7.7 stood up.

Agent 5 walked over and accessed a laptop nearby and waved at him to come over.

“After Africa two missions were compromised and I was secretly assigned to find out who was the mole. The mole is smart. He or she hacked into the system and sent orders from HQ so no one could know who did it.

Someone in the agency who wanted you dead. The field agent who was about to pass you a bomb at Casablanca received orders not to kill you and the bartender is my friend who saw the man dawdling around. That’s when I sent in Agent 10.1 to help my friend to get you out. What they really wanted was your GALAXY Tab 7.7”, said Agent 5 while clicking away at the keyboard.

“I owe you for that. But why didn’t they kill me off straight?” pondered Agent 7.7

“The mole was careless. You’re the best in the team as well as the only one who was assigned with a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 in the agency, a device of advance technology that could change the world. Someone in the agency wanted the tab and probably decided not to kill you after he or she realized you were carrying the GALAXY Tab 7.7.

You were captured and spied on. Agent 10.1 is dealing with them right now. At this moment, the mastermind most likely cracked your password and duplicated the files going to the next target as we speak. I’ve been trying to find out who, but I’m cold on the trail.”

Agent 7.7 glanced back at his GALAXY Tab 7.7 and inspected the gentleman’s clothing closer and realised..

This badge?!

“This person is wearing the royal badge representing the secret army serving under Her Royal Highness! D.O must stand for the Dignitary Official event tomorrow!” exclaimed Agent 7.7.

“I’ve got a match on the suspect’s faces. Our main concern though is the person in the exchange currently holding the vial”.

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 1.2 - Retrieving the Galaxy Tab 7.7

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To his horror, Google Maps showed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ! 
“I didn’t expect it to be at HQ! The mole must be one of the top agents. We have to move.” he exclaimed and jumped from the chair after being released by Agent 10.1 who came to his rescue. 
“Wait. Give me your clothes” 
“Wha-?” exclaimed the flabbergasted Agent 7.7. 
Agent 10.1 took his coat off. 
“Most likely the spy is still outside waiting for you, I’ll pretend to be you and drive around town while you get out from the back.” she smiled playfully. 
“Genius. Except I’ll be heading back to HQ in my underwear.” 
Agent 10.1 chuckled putting a cap on and wearing his clothes. “That’s why you’re the best agent. Good luck.” 
Agent 7.7 slid out from the back of the club and flagged a cab with a wad of cash on the side of the road. The taxi driver floored the gas and reached the location in no time. 
Agent 7.7 threw the wad of cash at the taxi driver as he retrieved it while wondering about the scantily clad agent in his underwear. 
Agent 7.7 was one of the top 3 men who knew of a secret passage inside of HQ, evading all security measures which was used in case of an attack on base. 
He reached the end of the secret passage and quietly opened up the back of a bookshelf at the end. How funny it would be if someone caught me in my underwear. 
Agent 7.7 came out from the passage in the Director’s private library and immediately accessed all hidden surveillance cameras in the headquarters. 
He spotted his GALAXY Tab 7.7 unattended to at Warehouse area and rushed over, with his Glock 19 in 9×19mm handgun tucked in the side of his underwear. 
He accesses the section with ease and finds no one is around. He walks over to the table and and picks up his GALAXY Tab 7.7.

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 1.1 Captivity

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Agent 7.7 then felt a stinging sensation on his neck, injected involuntarily, and went unconscious. He woke up and found himself feeling chilly with a blurred vision waking up to the echoing sounds of footsteps drawing closer. He found his arms constricted well. 
Ropes. As Agent 7.7’s vision came to, he couldn’t quite place what kind of lair he was held captive, but soon after listening to joyous shrieks and shameless laughter coming from above, he thought to himself; I must be under the building.

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Agent 7.7 MISSION 1.0 - The missing Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

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The story begins..

Agent 7.7 woke up with a throbbing headache. Memories of last night’s events seemed hazy to him. All he remembers is the smoky bar and the last drink he had, before finding himself covered in cold sweat on the floor of his hotel room. He searches around for his Galaxy Tab 7.7 but quickly discovers that it has gone missing! Suddenly, it all came back to him.
What was supposed to be a delicate 2-hour sting operation turned into a threat to national security. He gets up and finds himself hindered by a sharp pain on his shoulder. Bruised. . Probably from a fall. My drink must’ve been spiked. He feels around his pockets and found all his other belongings and finds them all intact. He quickly reaches his hand under the cabinet and grabs his compact Glock 19 in 9×19mm handgun in a hidden compartment and storms out of the the hotel. There had to be a mole in agency. They were the only ones who knew where I stayed. 
Agent 7.7 thought hard about the occurrence of the previous evening at the Casablanca nightclub. Agent 7.7 quickly flags a cab and gets in and tells the driver to step on it. Last night he was to meet supposed to meet a former field agent; now working within French intelligence, to receive new intel on his target’s connection as well as an important package. He arrives at his destination and wastes no time already walking towards the club after he tosses a wad of cash to the cab driver. He walks through the club’s entrance based on the blurry memory of the last man he saw; the bartender.

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