Sam gets a full body massage @ Cah'ya

Sam hasn't had the time to blog very often.

I was put in charge of producing three videos for TV production assignment. As if one video wasn't stressful enough. One music video, one documentary and one corporate video. Ugh. Do you know how stressed I am to be a director?! For all three shoots no budget was allocated so I have next to nothing to work with. Over here I have to manage my group's schedule and look for talents who will work for no pay. Over there I have homework, tests, presentations, events, examinations, class, work out sessions and blog posts to do. Somebody shoot me. 

One fine Friday evening as I sluggishly typed out my speech in a nonchalant manner resembling a bloodshot-eyed zombie, the lovely JamJam called me up and went..

Jamie: Sam! 

Sam: What. 

Jamie: Let's go for a massage. 

Sam: You are so random. 

Jamie: Come lah~~ I got discount from the red elephant, I manja you dun wan?!

There I was thinking, "Stuff from red elephant is good. I need this anyway.

(At this moment I gave the camera which I took pictures with, back to the owner for our shoot. When I get it back I'll upload my own pictures. For now I'll steal some from Jamie, hiakhiak)

We paid quite a good price thanks to

Funnily this Jamie ah, she set the appointment at 10.45am when we decided to leave at 10.00am! I wasn't at all bothered at arriving punctually at the dot, since I had to travel from KLCC to Mont' Kiara grabbing breakfast and Jamie from Cheras in between. We found the place and arrived at 11.20am.

We got scolded. 

The fact they scolded me itself impressed me as it shows they took their job seriously. It was I who disrespected their schedule; and its sort of a good wakeup call to stop fooling around. 

Nevertheless, the place felt.. foreign. To be honest I felt like I was in Indonesia or Thailand.

The shoe rack makes me want to live there.

Fully equipped with Australian oil.

Jamie with the ladies. 

These ladies are trained professional killers. 

Well not really, but you'll be surprised to know they come from Sarawak and possess over 30 years experience in traditional Bidayuh deep tissue massage. Did I say 30? Yes I did.


A peaceful waiting room served with heart-warming ginger tea. 

Jamie and I had a pretty sweet time together, getting massaged by aunties. They had a wide range of massages, but its pretty obvious I opted for the Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Massage. (heh)

The rooms are beautiful.

But of course with age comes wisdom, and experience. As she smothered me with Anti-Stress oil, I took advantage and asked her about places she's seen and been to. 

She's been everywhere. 

Venezuela, Berlin, Hawaii, London, Bangkok, Mumbai, Paris, you name it. I asked her, which country she preferred the most. Despite getting the chance to travel throughout different countries she still picked Malaysia! Second best was indonesia for the food. She told me how she always misses the weather and Malaysian food. I will never understand her preference due to me being such an unpatriotic citizen. 

Jamie has a bigger..

Thank goodness the massage was such a stress relief. Of course all fairy tales come to an end, as had to rush to another place right after the session. Once again, I mourn and face my workload with diligence. 

(Please look forward to my music video and corporate shoot. I'm working very hard on them)

Jamie was as happy as a lark. You can view her blog post here. Overall I'd have to say Cah'ya scored a 10 out of 10 for it's great foreign-like ambiance, veteran staffed masseuse all of whom have practiced Bidayuh massage for 30 years, peaceful body and mind stimulation as well as a pleasure cruise to the nostrils.

If you happen to feel adventurous and stressed at the same time, have a go at a Bidayuh massage. 

Here are the details as listed below. They're quite busy so you'll have to book an appointment with them. Remember not to be late!

Cah'ya Aromatherapy

Tel: 03-62034500

Address: Suite B-03-01, Plaza Mont’ Kiara,
No 2 Jalan 1/70C Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur