NEW BLOG! 6 NEWS. Kim Jong Il dies. ChengMan's Prank, Google's let it Snow? Granpa Shufflers! Chris Crocker Left Britney Alone and bonus.


for Sam Insanity's blog reconstruction is now.... COMPLETE. 

I have spent 8 fucking hours going through useless HTML guides and doing everything myself just to finish my new blog template so.. 

Welcome to Sam Insanity.

Now, on with some real news. Check out what you missed in the last two days

no.1 Kim Jong Il dies 

Apparently this afternoon today 10 minutes after I woke up, Kim Jong Il passed away.

Could this mean the beginning of the unification between North and South Korea? It sure is the number one news of the day. Funnily, three dictators have died this year. But, are they really dictators? Or were they smeared with the term by the American government's propaganda in retaliation for interrupting loan payments set by the Economic Hitman? Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

no.2 The ChengMan's Sexy And I Know It Prank

The video says it all.

no.3 Google lets it snow 

Did you know Google has snowflakes today?! 

Go to right now and search 'let it snow'

If you leave your screen on until the frost covers everything, a Defrost option will come on.

Ah, and you wonder why people don't care about electricity being wasted.

no.4 Chris Crocker leaves Britney alone

Remember the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE guy?

Turns out he's left the Britney alone, the look that is, and now he's lookin' like a real man. Here's a recent video of that's been making waves

..still, his voice could pass as Justin Timberlake.

no.5 Granpa Shufflers. 

Say what? Start lmfao-ing at LMFAO people. Elderly people will beat your ass at shuffling. Any. Day.  

Good laugh among friends. Go gramps!

Bonus* Malaysian Latest College Scandal 

Malaysia Malaysia.. always with the scandals. Here's the latest college scandal on youtube.

Bet you pissed your pants.

You will not believe how many people have fallen victim to this one.. let's have a looksie below. 

And believe it or not, that was just yesterday. The victim count is heading towards 30 (trololol)

I've missed out on a lot while I was in Taiwan guys

What big news or funny videos have you heard of the past few days?


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