Finding a great short film by accident

I checked out the movie 'Devil' written by this M.shyalaman guy, then I researched him, and he had a movie called Signs.

I looked for the movie trailer and found this film called Signs as well

This is it. It was amazing.

weird huh?

Its sad though, I'm thinking of humanity. That guy who acted in Signs was Nick Russell.. Even being as good as him in acting his career only moved up abit. Which led me to a point in thinking that millions of people must be dying to make it into hollywood


A new meaning to life.

Today, I found something to believe in. True Friendship at its purest form. Take it from me, talking to someone about your problems seriously motivates you to stand up once you've fallen, pick your sword up, sharpen it into a dragon, and fight your war again. Thank you, friend. I found my new goal in life.

Someone you can completely trust your secrets to and have no worries. Like a gem in a pile of shit, it's hard and almost impossible to find that true friend of yours.