The corrupted takes down The Official 9GAG Fan Group

On 8/8/13, The Official 9GAG Fan Group Arrie Ow 千惠and I founded a year ago which grew to 11,000 members of close internet friends all over the world, was unfairly taken down by the owner of for 'copyright issues'. It was swiftly removed by Facebook without trial and we were shocked all our efforts growing a beautiful community disappeared in a day.

As such, we have founded new group called Behind the Internet, for we are the internet.

We do not wish to associate ourselves with the word '9gag' or '9gaggers' anymore as we have given up on 9GAG for treating the users like money machines.

9GAG has long since lost it's fun and has become controversial for promoting product placements and advertisements by running them using bot accounts as debunked by reddit. Users such as us who have voiced out against the advertisements were blocked from commenting. is dead to us.