About Sam's Insanity

On the internet, newly turned 21-year old Sam likes writing on topics close to heart touching on simple things in life that matter. 

He also translates his daily musings into long insightful articles filled with humor and sarcasm. Unfortunately he also occasionally writes annoying but great advertorials when the money is good. 

Sam is known to be someone who doesn't smile in real life due to his ugly braces, but has been known to notoriously commit acts of insanity in parties while under influence of alcohol, reason being the bottled up rebel during his 3 years stuck in a cockroach-infested office cubicle.

In real life, it was back in 2006 the young lad fresh out of Sayfol International School was forced to take up a demoralizing 8 to 8 job in his father's business, holding the position of C.O.O. for three years. 

After a long morning out shopping for groceries; out of sheer luck and nagging from his mother, Sam walked into a prestigious audition wearing ridiculously cheap-looking slippers while holding a bag of onions. 

If you would like to read the serious detailed personal version of my life straight from my heart, click here. http://saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/06/sam-insanitys-rise-to-fame.html

Carefully handpicked by Katie Ford and Amber Chia, Sam came out as the dark knight of Ford Models Supermodel of the World 2009 (Malaysia); becoming the top 5 male models, beating over 150 others males and winning the category for Best Makeover.

After much drama with the family, he left his high-salary job and began a series of modeling works, holding extensive catwalk experience with big names such as DKNY, Quiksilver, Jaspal and Nike while studying in college at the same time.

In March 2010, he resigned from catwalks and was subsequently appointed the official Ambassador of Zouk Club; the top 10 clubs in the world (rated by DJ Mag) whilst pursuing his studies in college. 

While studying at Subang, he decided to branch away from modeling and has recently been doing more of TV commercials and filming works. So far Sam has worked with big names such as Samsung, MTV, local celebrities such as Amber Chia, James Baum, and he has provided voice-over works for Astro Supersports. He has appeared on Astro (Star World) for catwalks and a few magazines.

Sam enjoys blogging and writing in his spare time and continues studying hard in college, living out loud; working towards his dreams.. hoping one day to attain celebrity-status, worldwide.