Casting call for The Beauty Inside

If you have always wanted to be an actor, don’t miss the chance of being featured in Intel and Toshiba’s collaboration “The Beauty Inside”.

What is it about? Check this very interesting video out. It’s quite amusing and very tastefully done, and will explain everything.

The first social film “The Inside Experience” that was launched in 2011 caught worldwide attention.
Now with a leading crew from Hollywood, “The Beauty Inside” hopes to break new grounds in the genre of interactive, social entertainment.

“The Beauty Inside” social film experiment allows viewers to take on an interactive role: they will have the chance to become characters in the film from Facebook social casting calls. Moreover, they will be able to interact with the main character of the film via social networking.

You could act alongside

Topher Grace
(That ‘70s Show, Spider-Man 3, Valentine’s Day)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
(Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

And get to work with Director, Drake Doremus

The film provides a chance for you worldwide to play the main character in the film. The completed film will be available online in weekly episodes over a six-week period.

“The Beauty Inside” follows the main character, Alex, a 20-something guy who wakes up with a new physical appearance daily – that’s right you heard me.

A completely different person on the outside, but the same person inside.

The plot follows Alex as he navigates through his days in a completely different body while using his trusty Toshiba Portégé® Ultrabook to record Alex’s journals. It identifies Alex’s character in each episode.

I might join it, so come along with me. Check it out here at

Don’t forget, you can also share the story of your life with us and “Be The Satellite Star” where the story of your life could be produced into a film by Toshiba. Exciting right?

Check our how to be a Satellite Star over here.

Lastly, today is the last day of Toshiba's meme voting contest.

Whichever meme you think is the highest rated meme out of all the memes in the ‘Meme It Like You Mean It’ album could help you stand a chance to win a mysterious shiny object from Toshiba. It ends today on the 30th of August so vote for the most popular meme on the link below to win that shiny mystery gift!

This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. For more information, visit Toshiba at

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Meme Contest!

The Satellite M840s look stylish don’t they? No matter what you choose they’ll be quite attention grabbing. But who cares! What matters is the colours you’re happy with :D

How to pick a laptop colour

So last week I was talking about the memes, but Toshiba has adopted this trend and come up with their own memes!

Some of them are good but they though I feel they could do much better.

I got to know that they’ve launched an ongoing "Meme Like You Meant It" voting contest that ends on 30th August!

You could be among 10 people to win a shiny mystery gift from Toshiba (one person is allowed to vote only once).

All you need to do is vote on which you think is the most voted meme! Easy as that.

What do I think?

I have a feeling it’s one these two. Just saying!

Vote for your favourite meme now, and stand a chance to win a flashy mystery gift from Toshiba!
So hurry up and vote! Remember, you can only vote once!

Place your vote over here

Contest period is 15th August and ends on 30th August

Be sure to check out more funny memes on their FB album here

This post was brought to you by Toshiba and Intel. For more information, visit Toshiba at

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[Sponsored post] Meme like you Mean it

Memes are becoming a way of internet-life, and what more fun than to make it A Reflection of You! Through Toshiba's latest Satellite M840 Series Laptop; here’s one of the funny memes that made me laffff in the morning.

Interestingly, they have a meme museum too O_o

Meme It Like You Mean It! Check out the whole album here

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Taelor Vega fake Johnny Heward a liar

Taelor Vega  is not real and Johnny Heward is a liar.

*Note - This post has been heavily updated. After we gathered enough people to report him, Facebook removed Johnny Heward's photo. There's not much else we can do, but at least that'll serve a warning to him. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the outcome.

But in summary

Johnny Heward's career is over : )

Cheating is bad. But do you know what's almost just as sad as cheating on your military husband?
Spitting on the honor of thousands of soldiers fighting for your country and using someone else's identity to stage an entire facebook conversation to make yourself famous.

Earlier today this screenshot appeared on my Facebook newsfeed.

This picture went viral on several popular sites including reddit,; even spawning a 9gag post.
Because of this picture, Johnny Heward's subscribers blew up to 8,700 this morning and is still climbing. He has been praised by thousands of people online and is reaping the internet fame to his own name. Little did these people know, they have been fooled.

When I first saw the screenshot, immediately I spotted something wasn't right.

I did a little research and checked Johnny out. Turns out he's a struggling singer trying to get famous. 


1) The screenshot is fake 

If you look closely, there are tell signs this screenshot was edited due to the fact 'Taelor Vega' is shown online while Johnny is shown offline. Go ahead and look at your Facebook message. If you go offline on chat and enter messages, your friend will appear offline as well.

Secondly a missing long line under 'Taelor Vega's name.  It's a standard Facebook layout (unless your Facebook isn't Timelined or you're using a web browser that shows otherwise.)

2) Johnny Heward is deleting comments crying foul

Let's say Taelor Vega was some random person using a fake photo to talk to Johnny. Then why would he delete the comments?

I pointed out the screenshot was fake and Johnny blocked me. Thankfully I have 3 facebook accounts that I manage my fanpage with, so I checked his profile again and commenters were complaining their comments were being deleted. Hiding something Johnny?

EDIT* He just deleted 5 statuses and disabled comments. Check this out

*EDIT - From one of Heward's deleted statuses.

3) Most likely a guy would write 'Let's have some fun'

Think about it. Girls aren't stupid. They wouldn't write something so cornily cheesy desperate like 'lol I'm serious. Let's have some fun :)'. 

It had to be engineered by a guy trying to make a girl look desperate. It may not look like much, but there's a psychological pattern here. For a girl to type that out; she'd have to either be pretty drunk wasted or be some 13 yr-old kid. Frankly, this whole conversation looks as fake as Nicki Minaj's ass. And funnily, 'Taelor' matches Johnny's seemingly good grammar. 

I believe everything was staged and I have reason to believe Johnny Heward wrote it himself. You know why? Apart from his previous facebook posts trying to make himself look good, the fact he keeps deleting comments, and the speed of the message are exchanged within a fraction of minutes where a computer is placed next to each other, 
Taelor Vega doesn't even exist

What's really baffling is that Taelor Vega isn't even a real personSeriously, 'Taelor Vega'? Come up with a facebook account with a better name Johnny.

It's just lies being covered with more lies. 

This picture

Came from tumblr.

The person in this photo is non other than 21 yr-old Carolina Neves Ribeiro from Brazil. Check out her photos here

This photo belongs to Carolina.

I've contacted her about it on Twitter. Hopefully she'll respond when she comes back.


4) Taelor Vega 

There are people claiming Taelor Vega is an actual dancer from New York using a fake Facebook profile picture to contact Johnny Heward.

Now why would a married dancer from New York contact someone from Utah for sex? Do you know how apart the distance is? Did you also know all the 'Taelor Vega' facebook accounts were made today?

*EDIT - Johnny Heward read my post. After I created this post, some new Taelor Vega account from Utah popped up. I assume it's a new cover up. Taelor Vega does not exist; period.

Guess what else is fishy! Check this out this Taelor Vega facebook account claiming to be 'her'.

The fake account's privacy has been set to Public so everyone can see what 'she' writes. Someone's been trying to make the whole thing look convincing. Somebody is trying too hard. 

Furthermore 'she' posted another screenshot claiming it to be the real conversation.

This screenshot is obviously fake too. You can identify it by looking at the minutes of the messages received on the right which aren't aligned properly.... on purpose, to make the screenshot look convincing so that it looks like 'Taelor' made a fake screenshot.

I pasted this on Johnny Heward's comments, and he blocked my Facebook. Defensive much? 

He's definitely hiding something.

Also, this photo below was shown on over here.

Later it was pasted on 9GAG, however it was later taken down by the admin, so myself assuming my online personality as Sam Insanity and my friend Arrie Ow made another post on 9gag got to the Trending in the afternoon with almost 400 shares.

edit* It got taken down again.. but we'll come up with a better one.

The whole situation would make Johnny look like a good man, if it had not been for the edited screenshot and Johnny deleting hundreds of comments calling the screenshot a fake. Plus the fact he's blocking anyone doubting the photo and right now at the moment hiding his 12,000 subscriber (currently) account from the public eye (edit* The account came back).

I have a theory it's some lifeless person or Johnny operating the 'Taelor Vega's account to engineer his fame. This whole fiasco was a cheap attempt to get scumbag Johnny famous.

To top it off, Johnny's facebook privacy is Public and everyone can subscribe to it as well as comment. His intent to get famous is clear.

There are many who would like to treat this picture as a very real situation where in the US, wives cheat on their soldier husbands using a fake profile photo to communicate with strangers because they're bored at home. Not that it doesn't happen but anyone can create a new a Facebook account in just minutes, post up a sob story and make themselves look good. Johnny cheated people out of their feelings, and that was wrong.

Cheating is bad. But do you know what's almost just as sad as cheating on your military husband?
Spitting on the honor of thousands of soldiers fighting for your country and using someone else's identity to stage an entire facebook conversation to make yourself famous.

EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE THE TRUTH OUT. Thousands of people were tricked into believing this man was a good guy. If you can, please report the photo of the screenshot at and his account as well.

Either way, please don't believe everything you see on the Internet. Please always find out both sides to the story

Or you'll be fooled like thousands of people all over the world did today.

I'm always outside on-the-go, so feel free to contact me on Twitter @SamInsanity or shoot me an email at

~Sam Insanity


Thank you everyone.

I'm shocked. Over 100,000 people visited my blog yesterday. Even actor Tribble Reese read it and contacted me on Twitter. It's on the top 10 search on Google right now for the 'Taelor Vega/Johnny Heward' story I wrote that went viral with over 6,000 shares. Most of my readers were from the USA and the military and I've received thank you emails from them. I never expected this, but I'm just glad I could make so many people see the other side of how 'real' this man is.

I'm very pleased with the outcome, the fact the 'Taelor Vega / Johnny Heward' case has been resolved after my blogpost gathered enough people to report the bastard's photo as fraud and get Facebook to delete it off Johnny Heward's facebook. One does not simply lie to the internet and get famous. You fuck with the internet, the internet fucks with you Johnny Heward.

I'm still talking to Carolina about the whole thing.

Her face, once a Tumblr picture depicting a happy girl enjoying life, is now fast becoming an internet meme used for the wrong reasons to represent adultery and prostitution on meme generator as 'Taelor Vega'.

She might want to sue.

It seems Johnny Heward is going through hell because of me. My post spawned hate pages all over while Johnny is using his personal account to desperately try to explain himself on all the Facebook hate pages. etc. With all his swearing, I foresee his music career is over.

 I have commentators saying I'm doing this to promote my blog.

You must be kidding me. This blog is a desert. I barely write anything at all here. It was just on a whim I got on here to type this out immediately because I noticed something wasn't right. Didn't you see it?

Thousands of people fooled by Johnny Heward. 

My proof may not be strong or very conclusive, but I reached the objective and that's all that matters. All I wanted was for people to look at things in another perspective. Bitch I'm poor. I'm a 21 yr-old full-time student doing a lot of part-time jobs. I barely have time to blog at all in a rate one post per month. What would I gain from this, money? fame? If I wanted fame I could just strip buck naked and kill Justin Bieber during her concert.

I've had my full intentions from the beginning to get everyone to look at the bigger picture, to know that there is something very wrong here because someone used social media to manipulate the feelings of thousands to his own gain as well as identity theft.

If you think you can come up with a better overview of this Taelor Vega/Johnny Heward case, why not write your own blog post?

As they say; Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, alligators gonna alligate, painters gonna paint, waiters gonna wait.

Sam Insanity: The real me.

Hello internet.

You and I are strangers, but let's get to know each other a little shall we?

Somehow, you've managed to stumble across my personal blog.

Sadly there isn't much over here to read about over here.

Ever since the Taelor Vega/Johnny Heward case broke and went viral, I've received emails thanking me, bashing me and all that, but it's nice to see something in my once empty inbox. Thank you.

I would like you; yes You, my reader, to suggest something for me to write about. I don't usually blog until I think of something amusing I'd like to talk about, and it's quite hard to find a good topic to talk about so I just leave my blog to rot.

If you have any suggestions as to what you think I should write about, please don't hesitate to send me an email at 

As much as I love to write, knowing me; I have no consistency to come up with interesting topics and this blog will probably die if I have nothing to talk about.

I received emails asking me about how they could 'subscribe' to me. I'm sorry but I don't have that feature because in the first place, this is just my personal blog with my personal opinions and experiences and I really hate spam, vice versa I would hate to bother people with spam.

You know my name is Sam Insanity, but you don't know my story. You've heard what I've done, but not what I've been through.

My life is a movie.

Would you like to listen to my story? Read on.

I built this blog from scratch when I was a teenager and it kept me company throughout the years as I grew up, from the time of my depression to the time I lost my virginity, to the time I joined my first modeling competition, to the time I went against my father and ran away from home; all which were key parts of my life.

I'll tell you a little secret about Sam not-so Insanity. Well, a big secret. I've kept this story locked away from everyone for over 10 years.

I'll be honest, I have no real friends; only a handful of best friends. I prefer to talk to strangers because that's when I feel someone is really listening to me. Listen to my story.

There's not much to know about me.

In the late 1990s when I was the ugly quiet nerd in highschool that no girls would look at twice, and I was hyperactive when alone at home; poorer compared to my classmates. While they owned a GameBoy Advance and Pokemon cards, all I had was a rubberband and a ruler.

While they had the latest Nokia N-Gage phone, I was playing Snakes on my crappy Nokia 3310. While they telling each other how cool Eminem and Linkin Park were, I secretly enjoyed listening to the music they labelled 'gay'. Backstreet Boys, Westlife, N'sync, Bryan Adams, Savage Garden, and Michael Learns to Rock.

I took my education for granted and didn't participate in any extra-curriculum activities. I secretly loved acting and singing, but I was scared of others judging me. I hung around douchebags who thought they were the coolest kids in school; I wanted to fit in.

I didn't see the point in my education.

My dad was a very harsh and abusive man who was the source of my depression while I was younger. He had that kind of mentality of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler or Leonidas from the 300. I'm not kidding.

If he didn't like something, he'd shout verbal abuse loudly and embarrass you. His anger management was so bad, he would throw anything he sees at you and punch your face.

I was heavily abused among all my 4 brothers. Punched in the face, pulling out grass from the frontyard in the scorching sun, smashed with a textbook in my forehead, hit with a torchlight, locked outside my home; the list just goes on. I hated the man while I was younger, but he taught be how to be strong and I have undying respect for him.

As a form of escapism, I grew an online addiction and got on GaiaOnline, played MMORPGs like O2Jam, Warcraft, posted on online forums, watched anime, read manga (still read Naruto) and; as much as I'd hate to mention it; I became good at flirting with girls online and eventually had an online girlfriend from Texas for 2 years (we eventually broke up though we met each other later on). And I flunked my GCE A-levels during that time.

I was trapped. Forced to work in my dad's business; it's all written in my blog. You know how the whole father-and-son business thing goes. I felt so lifeless and depressed in that office cubicle for 3 years, I wanted suicide. Caged by my dad, I was going insane. Out of a whim when mom saw modeling auditions for Ford Models taking place, she asked me to join and I jumped at it. Amber Chia the no.1 supermodel in Malaysia changed my life.

After I ended up as top 10 male models of Malaysia, I broke out of the cage and saw the world with my own eyes.

I was letting out.

With all my feelings bottled up inside; all the sadness, the pain, and all the depression I kept bottled inside me; I let it all out.

I frequented events; usually the ones in the fashion scene. People actually think I'm a model, which I find so hilarious, although I've done stuff for my portfolio over here. It was pretty cool to get a lot of free stuff like DKNY perfumes and Topshop items.

I usually went to big VIP alcoholic events like Johnnie Walker and Hennessy. More and more people knew me from extreme partying and letting out, which can be seen here or mainly here.

I was being seen with women in almost every event. I loved it. I never experienced anything like it outside that stupid office cubicle.

I met a girl and fell in love. She taught me so many things and changed my life; changed the way I carried myself.  Without her, my hair would probably look like Steve Aoki and I'd still be wearing $5.00 shirts. She stood by me and dealt with my emotional shit for almost 2 years. I wasn't good at expressing my true feelings. She completed me, but I felt something was missing from my life; I wanted more. I desired freedom, I desired my goals. I took her for granted and she left me. I learned a lot from her, and I regret losing her. Everything about Kate was wonderful, and I hope there's someone out there who can make her happier than I ever could.

Here's a secret, I'm allergic to alcohol. I have starch allergy, and drinking one can of beer makes my whole body red. No one believes me, and that is the reason why I'm always drunk, and when I'm drunk, I save lives and steal street signs as well as make brazilian waxing appointments I don't know about.

The freedom burned out.

I was building a network; but after meeting all the big-shot celebrities in the country, at the end of all my efforts, I found out it was all pointless waste of time. I found that everyone who came up to me wanted something from me. I looked for friends to stick with me, but there was no one.

I found I was different from the others.

I'm at the point in my life where I've seen it all. I'm not famous, just pretty well-known in Malaysia. I'm distancing myself from everyone again and I stopped going to events because of all the fake people I didn't need in my life. I'm surrounded by fakes everywhere, and I found that being alone back then made me stronger.

That is why I spend a lot of time on 9GAG. The guys over there know me well and I'm a regular. Go ahead and google 'Sam Insanity 9gag'. Sadly real life is calling me and I'll have to leave my online life again.

My family is pretty dysfunctional with everyone staying in their own rooms doing their own thing, but we love each other.

It wasn't easy to keep smiling for so many years feeling sad and broken inside.

I changed so much from a sad little nerdy boy into a confidently childish, but secretly cold and cynical man.

I've learned so much in just 2 years, I can't even believe I'm living this life.

I made a decision to go back to college, and it's a decision I have never regretted. Right now I'm doing some acting for YouTube on the side which can be seen over here and most famously over here.

I've become well-known because of Amber Chia, Ming Han, Joseph Germani, Dan Khoo, JinnyBoy and Reuben, I thank them for that. I'll be busy producing my own short videos soon; please look out for it.

And that my friends, is my story.

On the right sidebar are some articles I wrote, they're pretty crap but if you're free why the hell not->

I wrote about the 7 ways to become irresistible to women when I was 19. Heh. How wrong I was.

I don't update all that often because I keep myself busy in real life. If you do have any suggestions of what I should write about, please do suggest something and send an email to; otherwise I'll just leave this blog to rot. I would also like to get to know you, so feel free to have a little chat with me on my Facebook or my Twitter.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I'm weird. I like weird people. I like talking to strangers and staying online over real life.

I feel like the whole world is watching me right now, and I wanted to tell you; you guys are all I have.

Thank you.

~Sam Insanity~

[Sponsored post] The New Satellite M840

Laptops are no longer just tools for work! They have become accessories which truly reflect one’s personality and style.

Sam Insanity, Toshiba, and Intel bring you the new Satellite M840; redefining laptop designs with its metallic mirror finish and stylish range of colours.

If you look closely at the laptop, the design is made of sleek metallic mirror which is pretty cool depending on your style. It seems to be a reflection of you with your personality representing

The Gold

The Turquoise

or the Pink

 Whether you’re hip, trendy or cute. (TEE-HEHE)

The usability, connectivity and enhancement features on this thing is endless. Frankly speaking in today’s world where you have to keep up with the times, it is a much-needed partner to produce great productivity.

It tackles digital lifestyle with ease; graphics dedicated to making sure your surfing experience goes smoothly.

It’s a one-stop digital lifestyle package with the features below that will make you fall in love.

Might I remind you it uses Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 Processors. Don’t know about you, but graphics and performance to me is more important than anything in a laptop because I do gaming a lot.

If I were to play League of Legends, I'd pick the Satellite. Just sayin'

It also includes:

Toshiba Hi-Speed Start Technology
Allows you to save precious time by offering a quicker boot-up from off state.

Panel Open-Power On
Enjoy a hassle-free boot up without having to press the power button!

Sleek Profile
Perfect companion on-the-road with it's slim chassis and weighs LESS than 2 kilos!

HDMI port
Lets you enjoy high-end multimedia on the go.

Eco Utility
Lowers your power consumption and prolong your battery life/

Sleep & Charge
Charge your devices even in shutdown mode.

But of course, the main Advantages are:

-It has superb premium metallic mirrored finishing; frikkin' stylish.
-Weights only 1.99kg
-During the International PC Audio Research Study done by SRS Premium Sound, these little notebooks came out as no.1 and is certified HD so you can enjoy great sound along with your gaming.
-Better graphics compared to other laptops our there (AMD Radeon HD™ 7670M)
-Two USB 3.0 ports
-HDMI cable
-The Toshiba Resolution +

The Satellite M840 uses the latest Intel core processors, providing a set of unique and expanded capabilities. You can enjoy a wide selection of entertainment, create and share that next great memory, and explore and connect to what interests you most. Rediscover what’s possible with the new Satellite M840 and feel the difference in your PC experience!

It is the perfect laptop and a true reflection of you as a person.

A Reflection of You.
How you see yourself matters.

The all new Satellite M840. Now with Metallic Mirror Finish.

Also, may I present to you:

Be inspired by our 3 specially chosen Satellite Stars as they bring you through a journey of hopes and

Toshiba, Intel and Sam Insanity presents to you the inspirations:




The films “Be the Satellite Star” will be released in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Readers! submit your stories of a “A Reflection of You”.

The winning story will then be produced and sponsored by Toshiba and Intel.

You can hear about their stories in the link below.


This blog post was brought to you by Toshiba & Intel

~Sam Insanity

Sam Insanity's birthday. Signs made for me

Hello reader.

Yes I'm talking to you

Here I am typing away with the oh so little time I have to blog!

Last Wednesday I booked 5 tables for my birthday but refrained from sending out the invitations because they were so slow at responding my calls that I had to wait until they finally replied me on Sunday night. Heh.. Sunday.... and my 22nd birthday was on the 22nd of February, ON FUCKING Tuesday!

So believe it or not I managed to invite 45 friends through my Facebook birthday event on Monday and celebrated my birthday on Tuesday evening under a mere 18 hours (un-fuckin'believable).

Finding time to organise and celebrate my 22nd birthday the past week has been a real nut job, but I'm happy it turned out well and I thank ACA Charity as well as everyone who came for celebrating my birthday together with me. I don't have much time to blog at the moment, so other blog posts will have to wait.

Last but not least I'm so happy I could celebrate it together with You, my beloved reader.

Here are 58 59 signs (sorry May Cih, I totally missed out your sign!!) handmade by some of you together with my sexy friends, 9gaggers, fans, handsome men, and beautiful ladies from all around the world.

For your eyes only.

Starting off with my best friend and superstar 
celebrity of Malaysia Siti Saleha. love you babe!

Some day I'm going to grow old;

and I'll look back at these pictures and be happy that

all of you were once a part of my life.

Thank you all for making me birthday signs. I love all of you,
and you know it.

~Sam Insanity~ (officially 22)