I'm going to Ms. World paegents to dance next year

Dear Diary,
Sunday 30th November 2008 posted around 11.40pm~

It's true~ I danced with Ms. Malaysia World, she's also a student at our Dance V Me academy, and we were practicing latin dance steps =o

I didnt get any photos yet because there's no one to hold the camera while I'm dancing :[

At first I thought she was really tall, me being 6 ft and she was almost the same, until i looked down and saw her wearing some heels, have to admit though, she's tall for a Malaysian girl, the average height of a Malaysian is 5'3 XDD

The way we look into each other's eyes is weird, she's like smiling at me and I'd just smile back, the usual dudes would be like OMG MISS MALAYSIA *runsaway* but geez, look around you, President Bush, Michael Jackson, Jay Chou, Tom Cruise, who ever they are, they're all human, just dressed fancy, they're the same as you, your're the same as them. It's their achievement that makes people stupid, naturally :/

While I was dancing (Disco Rock) with Sarah today, she's kinda shy around me I guess? and tells me to relax myself alot, I AM relaxed, I just go with the flow but I think she's the one who needs to relax haha :p

We switch partners everytime we finish steps, but she was like 'no not the guy next to us!' and I was laughing like heck, because he was so small and skinny. 'He'll drop me', luckily he just almost fell down. e_e;

My instructor wants me to go to the Ms. World contest and dance with the pageants, I mean how awesome is that? 50 of the most amazing women from 50 nations, dancing with them? Holy ***t

Initially she said 31st of December 2008, I was like 'that date's so near' heck, I'm going to Europe for 12 days from the 22nd to the 31st December to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, England and Germany (the effing package costed RM50,000 for 6 people omfg D= ) so tough luck, but she's gonna to stick me in the group for next year's Ms. Malaysia (August) and Ms. World (Decemberrr) for 2009.

Thinking about it, if the world is watching me dance with the pageants, maybe a record label company might look into my profile and ask me to work with them, it's a possibility =D

So i'm pumped up to dance every god damn day and improve on my Latin and Hip Hop steps, even at gym, at the office, wherever. D<

It's 12am midnight, I'm going to bed~ :]

My religious views

Dear Diary, Sunday 30th November 2008
11.00pm-ish ._.

I don't believe in god and religion you see, it's a waste of time, money, a burden, and every second you spend committing to it, will result to nothing in return. =|

God to me, is just a figment of imagination cooked up by old historic generations to instill fear in people that if they do not pray, they will go to hell. So where is hell? =O
Ah, questionable. No one in the world can answer it, or either 'hell is in another dimension, space, vortex blahblah' they say, well have you seen heaven or hell yourself? No. those who say yes have no living proof.
Think about it. Is there a frog heaven? a bunny heaven? haha xP

Another thing i hate religion for, the advantage to scam individuals of their wealth or possessions. Every god damn time I read The Star newspaper I'd read about people giving donations to churches, temples and stuff like that :/ Helloooo, the money can be used to help real LIVING people who currently are Dying instead of building new churches and statues or something Dx

Just because I believe in ghosts, doesn't mean i believe in God. The Holy and the supernatural have huge differences. I've had supernatural encounters, no godly ones yet. People who are ignorant love to simply say things

'Believing in God is good for the soul' my friend, and my aunt said. Then i say work for my happiness; and everything that happens, happens for a reason. you're not born into a poor family because you've done bad things in your previous life, you dont get reincarnated when you die, or go to heaven or hell depending on how you've lived your life or how many sins you've commited.

so why am i not a rapist or a psycho killer if i believe i have nothing to lose when i'm dead?
because i believe, that you have to be a good person, until the day you die. Atleast that's one of the best things i've learned while i'm still living.

My point? There is no God.

i use my eyes to confirm my doubts so deal with it. don't try to share your religion with me, it's impossible for you to win me over. i'm not encouraging you to give your religion up, or trying to offend all of the world's religion, but i can make you question god, your god, my god and your friend's gods. So what right don't I have to say I am a God myself if he/she/it's existence is something questionable?

My first blog, ever. Introduction, goals, my life. =D

'Sam' written by Sam
[skip if you hate old English]
Twas a barren land,
Ye Oceans be calm and still.

There be hot winds,
Bloweth; Whirled ye soils so furiously!
They danceth with such liberty,

Smasheth! Destroyeth.
Crumbled- against ye soul's mighty chest
"Soul, there be you." said the holy

An' he stoodeth there still.
Proof he travelleth long an' tedious
Ye envious earth, eroded his footsteps,
not too long ago.

"Strange man, I be-eth an angel"
The hooded one budged nought.
"Art thou but a common man,"
With extraordinary potential?" she ask-eth.

"Nay, young maiden" spoke he;

"Who are you?" spoke she.

"Watch from the Heavens, young maiden."
"Because, at my journey's end"

"I'll be hosting a show on channel 8."

haha, geez i totally ruined it at the end

i'm Sam, no my age is a secret, i'll let you guess if i'm korean, chinese or japanese ;]

i'm a non-practicing Buddhist, secretly Atheist until lately i found out i'm actually Agnoist o_o
if youre interested in my views in God, it's the 2nd post after this one

[Note: You can skip this part and scroll down if you want, until you see the word Bunny <3>]
  • _i seriously almost died ~twice~ when i was a baby.
  • ~i don't like revealing my age
  • ~i'm nice~ ^_^
  • ~i have a good heart :)
  • ~i'm very romantic :P
  • ~i'm adventurous >:3
  • ~warning, obsessive use of :3 <- the cute face emoticon
  • ~unlike most of the dweebs you've met, i'll actually sit down listen to you. : )
  • ~taking vocal lessons :) guitar~ piano~ *puts finger under my lip*
  • _dancing~ (hiphop and latin dance)
  • ~i go to gym regularly~
  • and i work as a secretary/office boy/property manager at the same time ~_~"
  • ~my commitment to music is important
  • _i must reach my goals and keep. . push forward o:
  • _gain international fame and recognition ;o
  • _moving on. . life's too short, i regret every second i spend doing nothing
  • ~i know, i'm not ordinary~
  • _and when i die. . .
  • _i want my body to be burned. . my ashes spread across the ocean
  • ~freedom. . . how i long for it
  • _in short on my musical tastes, listen to jpop/jrock, english and korean music r & b some rap, ballad, country, mostly rock and pop.
-Talk to me when you see me, you coward. ;P

(Bunny <3)
No i'm not rich, i'd call myself well-off because the money's not mine~
even my car used to belong to my mom

samkitty ish not interested in financial success
but leaning more to the attitude of living life to the fullest and not letting fear or snotty-arrogant-self-centered-labeling no-life critics stop me from taking on what I want. :p
i mean who do they think they are to say 'hey no-dick trans, hey dumb gay dude, hey suicidal emo, hey small-cock chink, wok-eyes, list goes on' idiots, worse than trash if you ask me.

I don't ever want to grow up. ;D

*has a hand rubbing against my hair* so basically, i'm training to be an entertainer who can cover most, if not all of the entertainment industry's sector =D
As you read through my daily life, you will discover my joy, my pain, my happiness, and my hardship. Examine how I'll manage to conquer and defeat my obstacles. Hopefully i will motivate you to be a better person, at least that's what I hope my blog can do to you =]

Thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuu for taking your time reading. <3
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