Fake 4CHAN owner and liar Daniel Herbert Hobbs

Edit 03.10.12 * Showing him his own actions has opened his eyes. 

Me against a fanpage of 240,000; 
This is the point of me writing these blogposts.
This is the difference I can make; making individuals look at themselves in different perspectives.

As requested by me, a public apology from him.

I accept and forgive you Daniel Hobbs. 
You're just 20 and have much to learn about yourself and about this world.

Against Daniel Faggot Handjobb's fake conversation that looks deceivingly real, I decided not record a video showing the authentic messages. Bitch please it'd look like the work of a butthurtfag and no one cares anyway :yaoming: 

But I print-screened anyway to show you the real messages.

inb4 tl;dr you 4channers are being used as tools by a hipsterfag.

Before you continue reading, you should read from the last post on how I counter-trolled Daniel Herbert Hobbs the fake 4CHAN owner so hard he never recovered from the burn over here http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html 

^In summary up there, I exposed Daniel the fake 4CHAN page owner using real 4channers to do his deeds. After I got him to make a big deal out of it, he pwned himself by exposing his readers to the truth. 

So this Sunday afternoon I woke up to more amusing happenings on my Facebook today. Yay!

Downloading my photo to keep in your room, Daniel?

A print-screen that day and today of widdle butthurt baby Daniel attempting another troll, 
but failing miserably.

Oh here Daniel, let me enlarge it for everyone to see!

What if I told you, that was a fake conversation Daniel created from being butthurt?

He is using all of you who 'Liked' the 4CHAN page as tools. I proved it in my previous post.

 I don't have anything against 4chan, neither do I think 9gag is superior. In fact, 9gag.com is gay and disgusting. Don't believe me? You obviously haven't read this. http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html

Oh Daniel! I never imagined you'd resort to being so lifeless as to create a conversation putting words into my mouth to make yourself look good, deceiving your whole fake 4chan fanpage and using them as a tool once again.

Especially after you banned me from commenting on your fake page so you have a advantage attacking me while I was asleep. Very honourable!

And you sent me a nice Good morning message too!

Let's rewind. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzt!

Knowing Daniel would retort against my first blogpost.. 

I made sure to printscreen everything he did next. (;

After the events of http://www.saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/4chan-attacks-9gag.html Daniel couldn't stop the butthurt from flowing and added my Facebook account. 

I know right? What a gaylord.

His idiot subscribers currently at 1500+ as of today after much begging from his fanpage. 

I actually thought you were coming onto me for a second.

Oh wait you did. You saved my photo and pleasured yourself editing it to the max didn't you?

Proof it was not created today, as of now.

Most importantly, you also sent me a hello message on my fanpage

(Not to be confused with my facebook account of the same name.)

Oh you're in for a big one Daniel!

Proof again was not created today, as of now.

So from the image above..

Let me show you the actual conversation.

Doesn't this sound more like the way Daniel talks like a fag on his timeline https://www.facebook.com/Demigod instead of this?

Over there he sounds a little too calm than his butthurt self. ^

Memes came from 9gag? You made me sound really retarded and butthurt there Hobbs! I'm flattered, you shouldn't have : ) You could have actually lived a life with your talented photoshopping skills!

Because that's exactly what liar Johnny Heward did when I crushed him! 

Let me set a few things straight.

1) Memes did not come from 9GAG.com Daniel, this is a very important lesson! 9GAG.com has been commercialising memes from 4CHAN and stealing funny posts from the internet! 

2) I don't work for 9GAG, you seem to believe everything on the internet! 

3) I laughed so hard when I saw that post. That doesn't sound anything like you or like me at all.

I'm sorry Daniel, that the fake conversation you must've forged for hours couldn't be used to properly attack me!

Was this all because I didn't accept your friend request, Daniel?

Either way, you and I know you're a lying TV salesman funnyjunk-admin dreaming 4channer wannabe who won't get anywhere in life.

Thank you though, for the free promotion.

I really do wonder how you're going to live with yourself knowing you've stooped even lower than Johnny Heward little Daniel!

Fake screenshots, can't really become real when you fail to capture how I write, Daniel.

Oh, and I'm still not going to accept your friend request : )

~Sam Insanity~ 
Slayer of Daniel Faggot Hobbs.

4CHAN attacks 9GAG 2012/2013

*Edit - Made minor updates to Case 1 and Case 2 

4CHAN and the internet 
(namely reddit, tumblr, funnyjunk, etc). 

I, Sam Insanity represent all the true 9gaggers in the world and have a message for you. 

We as 9gaggers, hate 9gag.com and we support you.
If you deal with things logically, don't call us names and run away like you usually do.

Hear us out

Scroll to the bottom of the post for details.

  • *It is to be known that this is the first time the true 9gagggers are declaring an announcement to the internet.   
  • It is to be known that we as the true 9gaggers, have stood down and ignored all of you. When 4chan, Anonymous, redditors VS 9GAG and you called us 9fags, 'the cancer of the internet', tards, held raids, ; etc. (The scenario can be seen on YouTube daily) as there are too many 9gaggers to control on the internet. It just isn't possible.  
  • It is to be known that the '9gag army' is a term hyped-up by 12 yr-old retards and we do not recognize them as true 9gaggers, do not be fooled.

 Example 1 of rubbish written by a 12 yr-old 9gagger-wannabes

Example 2 of 9gagger-wannabe claiming his actions to be 9gag's own.

Obviously you 4channers will swallow up and publicize anything that makes 9gaggers look bad, so we have let it be, and let the world run as it is.

However, I have decided to break the silence and address all of you because of two cases; what has happened yesterday and what has transpired within 9GAG.com this year.

Case 1: We 9gaggers wish to ally with the internet

A message to 4CHAN and the internet from the true 9gaggers

 We support you.

Let it be known that 9GAG.com is currently dead. Reason being we have left the website and have not visited it in months.

The true 9gaggers hate 9GAG.com for stealing posts for itself, using bots to generate 'publicity posts' that generate money for 9gag.

We're not stupid. 

We have been aware of this since early this year and even before reddit exposed the bot cycle below:


The upvotes and Facebook Share number on each 9GAG.com post is self-generated.

Let it be known that because 9GAG.com simply bans members, refuses to provide a proper explanation to us; and we, the true 9gaggers of the world are insulted.

And from that day, a secret group comprised of the Top 9gaggers including myself to conspire against 9GAG.com was founded by Aricely, who has since stepped down.

Here is a list of logs from our secret group archives of the bots we've caught; some deleted after a day.
 These bots we will dub as the "Second Generation." The first gen lasted about three weeks, and each bot had about fifty posts. All the above bots were nailed on July 4th, between the hours of midnight and 2:30, Eastern Standard Time.

Our secret group was leaked to 9GAG.com admins. Those of us who participated in the group and voiced out on 9GAG.com were banned. No one could warn the other 9gaggers from the corrupt 9GAG.com

Every attempt to contact the founder of 9gag was futile so we encourage you.

You are welcome to hack 9GAG.com

We encourage it.

Let us put our differences aside and fight the monetizing 9GAG.com together. Destroy it.

Sure 4CHAN and the rest of the internet hates 9gaggers, but what are 9gaggers really?

We are not 9gaggers because we're 'omg 9gag rocks you suck' fags, but because

We are just like you. 

Humans who seek a platform that provides us with cheap daily entertainment who have come together to form a community.

And admit it, the founder of 9GAG.com Ray Chan developed a very presentable layout that is easy and recycled it for everyone on Facebook to see compared to 4chan and reddit, that's why it's so popular.

We like it because it's convenient. It's like Apple who stole the idea from Windows and created a better phone.

We are aware of your previous attacks on 9gag.com

What you've done so far is not good enough.

STOP the attacks.

Bullying is child's play.

We encourage you to destroy the 9gag.com servers 

And wipe out all the data once and for all instead of harassing them. They will only find ways to come back.

If there was any other alternative, we would have considered it; but this is so far the best plan we could come up with; hacking the website to the point of no recovery. To side with the internet in order to destroy a common evil that is a power-hungry meme-commercializing  9GAG.com.

It is now a zombie, only waiting for death by injection. You're welcome to leave suggestions as to how to cleanse a bot-infested website we used to love; like lice on a dog.

We would like to get in touch with you, 4chan, reddit, funnyjunk; internet, to help you destroy 9GAG.com whether by DDoS, publicizing or etc.

Please leave a comment below or contact me on Facebook. I know you can find me in a few clicks.

*Edit - A 4channer has approached me. We are currently in talks.

Case 2: The Fake 4CHAN Facebook Page

I founded The Official 9GAG Fan Group of Facebook together with fellow 9gagger Arrie on the 1st of August 2012 for fun. Today  it has over 3,000 members and we enjoy each other's company.

Yesterday on the 25th of September 2012, 4CHAN's official facebook page (I assumed) decided to troll us by posting this up.

Asking members to join the 4CHAN group, posting our group's link. The admin blocked me from commenting later on, and today removed our group link to make it seem like nothing happened.

As a result, our 9GAG Facebook fan group received hundreds of requests from 4CHAN fans. The picture above are fresh requests after clearing off the previous requests.

My administrator team who were not aware of the post at that moment, approved these requests and they were subsequently banned for mass-spamming profanities at the wall.

No biggie.

I have followed 4chan for a few years before the emergence of 9gag, and I don't believe 4chan would resort to such coward tactics because they are known to be prideful and ruthless.

Something didn't seem right.

This was not the action of a 4CHANNER. It seemed cowardly and un-4chan-like.

It was weak

4CHAN has a reputation of finding out all the information of someone and destroying that individual's life.

So it turns out the 4CHAN facebook page was a fake 4CHAN page run by a clown controlling real 4channer's actions.

Daniel Herbert Hobbs is the admin of 4CHAN's so-called 'Official Facebook page' and an attention whore for subscribers.

(Looking at the delusional individual's facebook link, he seems to think himself some sort of god.)

He requested to join our group a few times; obviously we refused.

He continued spying on us, print-screening a post of me posting in my group and posted it on the 4CHAN Facebook page. However it wasn't I whom he targeted, but one of my members Samantha.

After highlighting her on the 4CHAN page, she received death threats and had to go into hiding, contacting me with her other account.

Of course, Samantha doesn't know of the reputation of 4CHAN, so I plead to you, please spare her and report this Facebook -> link under 'Hate Speech' to get it removed.

I'm only doing this as a friend. I know you are capable of more harm than above, so please forgive her.

All of us know this happens daily in 4chan. However your powers are being abused by an attention whore.

Are you okay with that?

What I really want 4chan to see, is the way Daniel represents 4chan.

Furthermore, after putting up the offensive photo which angered muslims, Daniel tried to cover up his own ass by diverting attention from him with a sob-story.

After deleting the caption of the trolling done on our group, seeing what our group had, he copied us starting his own 4chan group yesterday where he dictates allowing only himself to post.

Again, I have followed 4chan for a few years before the emergence of 9GAG.com, and I don't believe 4chan would resort to such coward tactics because they are known to be prideful and ruthless, but looking at attention-whore Daniel resorting to blocking people from commenting instead of arguing it out intelligently, I ask you this.

4CHAN, since when did you allow a hipsterfag TV salesman to control your people's actions?

Why does it matter to you? Because Daniel is using 4CHAN as a tool for himself.

Are you alright with that?

Because whatever dumbass Daniel does, it reflects upon the image of 4CHAN and what it does.

I'll let you decide what you want to do with Daniel
the admin of the 'official 4chan page'
and the other fake 4chan page with 400k+ fans.

Because we know, they're way too mainstream to be real 4chan pages.

If you do not take action against Daniel, I will do onto him as I have destroyed Johnny Heward's career.

*Update 27.09.12, Thursday: Daniel Herbert Hobbs rapes himself.

Hello Daniel.

You didn't know I planted a deadly seed inside your desperate laughable '4chan'-wannabe group that accepts just everybody, did you?

I planted someone to show you my blog on purpose, and being the attention-whore you are, Daniel; I knew you'd pick it up and post it on your fake 4chan page.

I made you make everyone aware of your actions, knowing you'd announce my blog to the whole world; so eager to declare victory.

Are you humiliated, Daniel.. Reading what they're saying about you?

Before you wake up to delete the status, or their comments like you usually cover-up yourself, let me show you how you turned the tables on yourself.:)

You took the true 9gaggers lightly, and my sting-operation on your fake 4chan page succeeded.

You have proven me right; orchestrating your own downfall Mr. Daniel Herbert Hobbs.

And guess what? You actually deleted what you did to Samantha!


And now magically it's missing.

Covering-up again, Daniel?

I'll leave it to everyone to say who won.

Do not take the secret group of true 9gaggers lightly.

With love,
Sam Insanity.

Edit* 01.10.12 Daniel pwns himself yet again. http://saminsanity.blogspot.com/2012/09/daniel-herbert-hobbs-liar-and-fake.html

~Sam Insanity~
Representative of the true 9gaggers.

ELEVATE Melaka: Patricia Knudsen, Elecoldxhot, Hiloco

Welcome to

Or should I say I am welcomed to Melaka! I'm 22 this year but I had never been to Melaka my whole life. :confession bear:

I was invited last Saturday and jumped at it instead of going to Hennessy. 

So I started in Melaka with the girls and Nelson Teon. 

With bad planning we ended up waiting  Capitol Satay Celup

This is a photo my friend Venice Min finds cute -__- 
Dunno what's wrong with her

No one told me I had to line up for 2 hours and 30 minutes. That's longer than it took Christ I wasted my whole day there at Melaka.

My face after lining up for 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

Glorious food.

We ate quite a lot and the bill only ended up as RM30.00! Cheapppp.

So the evening began with our arrival at the Melaka International Trade Centre.


Where were you? The sexy registration ladies had no one to talk to all night.

Lol JK they were pretty busy.

 Mad packed with people.

I was greeted by the greenscreen photo. It's a really kick-ass background generator that makes you look like you're anywhere in the world.

Myself on the left with the girls and their friends from Melaka on the interactive dance pad.

 Brian Burger warming up the stage.

Emcees of the night Joey G and Patricia Knudsen.

For the first time, a guy is doing all the talking and not the woman.

Patty getting ready to spin.

 The girls with Joey.

These are most of my fellow bloggers from Kuala Lumpur who trvelled down all the way to Melaka

Firemasters entertaining the crowd.

With the bloggirls.

Lisa Chow


The main act sexy DJ Hiloco comes out.

 Her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard.

Then comes out Elecoldxhot, coined the no.1 dance group in Malaysia.

Gangnam Style. 

Me and Patty 

Nelson and Lisa

Sam, Sam & Sam.

Nelson, Polly, NguNgu and CheeChee.

Guess who complained about the toilet being too far for heels. Lol

You know a party's awesome when a guy pukes in his shirt at his own armpit.

NguNgu's all like "Gimme some o' that puke."

Vivian and Sam

Sam and Vivian

Myself with Jocelyn Coco

^Funniest photo ever.

I asked the girls to do a sexy shoot on the table.

Nearing the party's end, I did something funny and asked all the guys to imitate the girls.

Sexy hunk of the year: Ryan Mo

Best party ever. 

Some guests and friends I took pictures of:

It's always a joy to party at ELEVATE having fun with the friends. Thank you ELEVATE and Don for inviting me (as VIP, yet again.)


We'll see you again

~Sam Insanity~