Training with Chelsea's coaches

Samsung invited me to train with four coaches of the world-class team of football superstars Chelsea, rivals of Manchester United!

So the other day right after my Brazilian wax here, I drove straight to Chelsea Blue Pitch at Damansara Damai located mad far away (thank science for GPS).

I then met with the coaches. Their names were Ian Woodroffe, Keith Harmes, Jamie Greenwood and Sam Hubert.

Cameras weren't allowed during training so I only managed to steal a few shots of the session.

Photo courtesy of Jason Ong []
Please lah less harsh on me.
I'll tuck my shirt in so don't scold meh.

Training was hard; super hard.

In just 15 minutes we were sweating waterfalls from warmups, and normally the team does 2 hours of warmups.

Photo courtesy of Jason Ong []
As you can see we were sweating very hard (and they gave us 1 minute breaks in between)
Do check out Jason's experience with the football training!

Sam & Sam
(Hubert and Insanity)

Ian Woodroffe
(yes my eyes can go smaller.)

Kate on the left with Jamie Greenwood.

Keith Harmes and myself

(my favorite coach! funny as hell)


End of the training we had a fun match and everyone was reeking of sweaty jerseys!


(woah I'm the second tallest....... cooool.)

I actually know how to dribble a ball now.

Thank you Samsung
for inviting Sam to an unforgettable experience.

~Sam Insanity

Chelsea vs. Malaysia (Harimau Malaya) 2011

Two days after the training, Samsung invited me to see Chelsea vs. Malaysia! Will post about training later

I got free tickets thanks to mynoobie, do check them out to get yourself free stuff! ;)

So after reaching Bukit Jalil, the police closed off the road into the stadium.

We were forced to park the car by the roadside. This is a scene of inconsiderate drivers triple and quadruple-parking other cars for the sake of the match.

Pasars set up all around, which majority sold so many fake merchandises.

Makes me wonder how it didn't get Samsung pissed with all the fakes right outside the match.

Typical irresponsible Malaysian litterbugs.

Finally after a 20 minute walk, we reach Bukit Jalil.

These noise polluting buggers selling vuvuzelas which only guys with small dicks buy.
They cost around RM5.00 each

After ticket checks, RELA Security checks for lighters/bottles/weapons.

Highlight of the day: People praying for Malaysia to win.. Really?

As if divine intervention would play a role in football -laughs-

Note the man wearing Chelsea's jersey on the far right kneeling on the flag.. dude, decide only on one team.

Confused Malaysian Tiger fans holding Chelsea flags.

Stadium was super packed even just at 7.30pm

Both sides of the stadium almost fully occupied.

Full view of Bukit Jalil Stadium at 7.50pm.
The match starts at 8.45pm so we had to wait another hour.


First brother, fifth brother and myself (Go angry birds.)

Did I mention my Lumix LX5’s maximum zoom is really crap? (Max it can go is x 3). Sorry for that!

Match is about to begin.

By the time the match begins you can see the Stadium is fully occupied with spectators of up to 95,000.

After 72 minutes.. Chelsea finally scores 1 - 0 against Malaysia.

Match ends.

If you were there you could tell the elite team Chelsea played very badly against Malaysia, the only goal they scored was also questionable.

I mean.. come on, Malaysia is known to suck at football. They even lost 8 - 1 to boyband Westlife back in 2002 as shown here.

Crowd jams the exit doors. Thankfully we parked the car 2km away from Bukit Jalil so our car was not triple-parked like many unfortunate others.

Overall, I had a blast and hope the football teams will visit Malaysia more often.