Dyeing my hair back to Blonde.

It's official. Coming this June 1st, my hair will return to blonde. The promise shall be fulfilled.



See you at Euphoria, the Ministry of Sound.

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

Remind me

"The obsessed can fuck off."

Dear Diary,
3am in the morning
Today is Monday the 26th of April 2010

Look, I don't give a shit whether you're a 40 or 70 year old president of the united states, if you dare interfere with my personal affairs you can fuck off.

I've been tolerating your stalker-like paranoid behaviour for the past 2009 but enough is enough. Who the hell would write 2 pages worth of shit about my life to phone messages and my inbox to almost every status update I have?

I didn't ask to be fucking evaluated.

I may be nice to you and your children, but being nice and being a friend are two very different things.

I don't want many friends, neither do I want anyone getting close to me. I don't want any help from anyone, I can deal with dramatic shit on my own.

I'm the type of person who wouldn't care or give a shit if a fat ass commited suicide over me.

So, Ms. Kristy Kam, due to your excessive obsessed behaviour you are an unwanted contact, deleted and blocked from my facebook friend list.

I bet you're reading this as well, so if you futher persist to continue with your weird behavior, I will report you to the police.

because I'm such a nice person, you can get back into my friend circle on the condition you gurantee you'll shut up and stop sending me those weird long essay-like messages. These days people are open to discussion. This is what you look like.

"Heed my advice, never invite parents onto Facebook."

It's the dumbest shit anyone can do. They will seriously monitor you 24hrs a day and fuck you up with their old ideologies from the past.

My freedom of speech shall remain free. Honestly, I love people who remain a child-at-heart. But I seriously hate narrow-minded people.

"If there's one thing I learned, my father taught me never to kiss-ass up to anyone. Unless necessary in order to progress."

It's shameful, any self-respect you've had for yourself will be gone.

Remind me to never again accept friend requests from parents or anyone who thinks their high and mighty just because their old.


By the way, this retarded Firefox browser can suck my dick. It's been crashing for the past 3 months. I think I'll switch back to Internet Explorer.

Fucking disturbing me from finishing off my assignments.

Gonna go make some coffee.

~Sam Insanity Sunshine
3.20AM, signing off.

Goodbye, Angel.

"The first time I bought flowers for a girl,
happened to be the last time I saw her."

Dear Diary,
Today is Saturday.
2.30am, 24th of April 2010
I just broke up with my girlfriend.

It hurts.. but I understand. I could tell from the beginning I couldn't be with you the way your mother looked at me. Don't cry.. I've been having thoughts for a while, and out of respect for your family, power in social class/status and a clean image, I accept not to date you anymore. I love you, but remember, that Family comes first. Cheer up.

I knew all along. A family of royalty.. I'd rather live without being judged by the sick-minded materialistic people around you. Think of the hardships your family would go through. I wear what I feel with pride, today I let you go. The way you were brought up differently, I proudly choose not to become your mother's Prince Charming instead of yours.

It hurts...

Sam Insanity Sunshine.

Thoughts. part II

"I am. Therefore, I think. "

Dear Diary,
Today is Saturday
the 17th of April 2010,
1600 hours, it's about to rain outside.
I'm in my room taking a break from my Socio Psycho assignment.

"I believe when we fall in love, we become babies again. Lost for words, weak in the knees, and hung like a baby elephant."

"It doesn't feel as nice sleeping naked the second time like it was the first time."

"I thought toning down my awesomeness to study was the way to go, but that's not what the greatest people before me had always done."

"How can you be an asshole and a nice guy at the same time? An asshole and a nice guy? You must be retarded."

"Expectations lead to breakups."

"Its sad there are pathetic racists out there who are either jealous, or narrowly closed-minded, who can only say things behind a fake name under a virtual construct that doesn't exist in real life. These people usually never get out of their sad little bubbled up world. Couldn't stop Barack Obama either. "

"Cute is not beautiful."

"Sometimes, thinking only gets in the way."

"It's not where you come from or what you're made of, it's where you're going."

"Stand up, let your voice be heard."

~Sam Insanity Sunshine


The legendary, Steve Aoki.

Dude. I have been so so so fucking pissed since I missed Steve Aoki coming to town on December 25, 2009 last year.

That very day I had the worst, shittiest night at Zouk wondering why the DJ sucked and why it was so empty. Then my buddy told me everyone went to see Steve play at MOS which I totally didn't hear about until it was too late.

I totally regretted since that day, and the yellow-haired devil of the party gods was born.

But coming 01.05.2010, he is coming. Steve Aoki is coming.

It's like a dream, a second chance for me to see him (and hopefully meet him).

Whether infront of him or at the toilet, I'm going to smash my head on something when Warp hits my ear.

We are both mindless headswingers with almost the same style of craziness, and when I'm in the House, the party will go twice as wild to a whole new level of insanity.

I swear. If I win this, I am going to dye my hair back to angelic blonde on the 1st of June.
I swear it on my life

Pray the best for me to win.

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

Lady Gaga, fashion goddess.

Lady Gaga.
Just the name turns heads. Then again, she'll have everyone's attention anyway from having those insane makeup and hair-dos, wearing those bizarrely made glamorous outfits.

With her powerful vocals and overflowing charismatic bisexual feminism, her first no.1 US Billboard hit single 'Just Dance' shuvved her into the spotlight and she has been making hits smashing pop-charts around the world ever since. There is not one club not playing her music at the wee hours in the morning.

This extraordinary lady is known controversially for wearing what she feels when she likes, which is usually the notoriously eye-popping mouth opening out of this world custom-designed costumes oftenly seen in her music videos, appearances at events and performances.

Lady Gaga in her music video 'Poker Face'

I happen to admire Lady Gaga, not because of her looks, but mainly because she's something different, passionate, exciting and fresh. Plus she's good at what she does. What people say about the way she dresses, it doesn't matter. She will always be herself, both her and I similar in many ways (she's one of the few people in the world I idolize). She is quickly becoming one of the leaders of our future's new generation.

Some of the results of Lady Gaga being berated by hate groups.

Along the way, she is lauded by closet-haters, usually ranting about how they hate her extreme attention-commanding style, how controversially sexual her music videos may be, the way she dresses, how much make-up she puts on, how many surgeries she may have had. They would blast her around the internet or through some other forms of media one way or another silently loathing her and waiting for the opportunity to bring her down.

Lady Gaga with her famous (or infamous,
depending on which side you're on) bubble leotard on her US tour.

She could be the most alien thing they have ever seen in their life. Maybe they're just scrambling to keep up sticking labels on her such as 'lesbian', 'wannabe', 'ugly' just to justify and make themselves feel good.

Maybe they're just living in their own fragile bubble, in their very own culture and country Lady Gaga's style may have already long before been coined as 'sluttish', 'cheap' relating to something degrading just to stop their people from going into that direction.

Eitherway, the world will always have those narrow-minded grumpy (and maybe jealous) people making some noise at the craziest things they see at one point of time or another. But one thing remains unchanged.

Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who dont mind, matter.

That is what I believe in. Dont you agree?

I totally support Lady Gaga.
(and because it's her I just had to write so much.)

~Sam Insanity Sunshine

Goodbye, Blonde hair.

"My hair was like..
the lost treasure of the Apollo,
God of the golden Sun.
A symbol of change and revolution.
I felt wild and free."

Dear Diary,
Today is Thursday
the 1st of April 2010,
1.40am in the morning and I just got out of the shower.

I couldn't remember.. I think I was having nice a dream. While sleeping cozily under a 3-inch thick nylon blanket. Then a fucking cat kept moaning right outside my window like 50 times, and the moans gradually started to grow into shrieks until my eyes were blood-shot wide open. I couldn't remember the dream I had at all.

I swung my window wide open looking for the fucking thing in the dark, I would've thrown my laptop at it or something, fucking cat.

Diary, the past few days I feel like I've lost a friend, mypride was dented, it feels like I've lost a family member, my partner in crime, the day I dyed away my darling sparkly hair.


Why hello there mr. sexy asian, too bad youre the same as every other
Now it reminds me, my black hair had a tinge of natural brown in it.

The Grueling Process

  • Hair bleached 8 times, dyed with platinum last.
  • It smelled funny, my eyes hurt.
  • Bleaching my black hair away took 8 hours for the right colour to come out
  • Each time felt like acid and fire ants poured all over my head
  • But it was all worth it in the end.


No one and nothing could stop me.

Eventually I the roots just grew out ugly and I just had to fix it.

So after much thought I decided to go pitch black.

It rained so heavily when I got home, the skies were telling me not to do it :(

The black fighting with the blonde.

Ma trimming away the damaged ends

Waiting and waiting and..

Oh hurry up already!


Dyeing starts

Dyeing ends

Waited for 45 min, wanna see my Black hair?

To be continued...

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