3 Reasons Not To Join Big Commercial Gyms (Malaysia)

~by Sam Insanity, written on 2nd July 2011

So you're sick and tired of the free ghetto gym in your apartment with no airconds installed, and they're lucky enough to have broken windows if no windows at all.

Many times the lack of equipment leaves you waiting for your turn on the machines. Worse still, the other men there workout with no manners smoking at the same time without shirts and press their half-naked gross chest hair on the bench, spewing sweat all over the equipment.. plus, they stink.

They have this strange fetish of getting attention fror their unshaved chests..
besides enjoying the fact you can smell their odor.

Before you walk into any of the fitness clubs below, it's good you trusted your gut feeling and Google'd yourself to my blog, because as sparkly as they seem, they have a large set of drawbacks you must take notice of.

I'm going to show you reasons why you should stick to your tiny equipment-broken gym.

1) Membership Fees

One word: $

Instead of thinking of using the gym, they'll end up using you.

I'll make it short. Keep in mind big gyms are usually commercialized and aim to make profit. Unless you can afford $200 a month and your own car, you shouldn't even be thinking of a kick-ass gym.

If you're already discouraged, you should stop reading and go back to good ol' sweaty ghetto gym.

2) Consultants / Staff

See cute ducky? that's you, right there.
You, are their target.

The moment you step inside the gyms, you're a big fat innocent bird ready to be hunted down by 'consultants' who are actually salesmen standing around all day near the entrance waiting for people like you to come in.

But wait. These slimy 'consultants' are disguised as . . . .

Believe me baby.. because my smile, can make your day.

Tall dark Tarzan-like handsome men with broad-shoulders showing off their glossy teeth with their nicely groomed hair wearing a tight shirt displaying fit muscular bodies always giving you big, wide, smiles. They bear a 'Consultant' tag and will always speak highly of the gym in which their sparkly image are embodied.

When in truth . . . .

Give me your money.

They really are slimy, calculative salesmen.

These fake-ass marketers have only one mission; which is to show you the agreement form, get you to hand them your credit card and sign on the dotted line, on the same day.

Their second mission is to sell you that blasted annoying 'PT training' (personal training) which is a fucking scam stupid rich people pay for. They usually cost about $1300 for 3 stupid sessions which you could do yourself, and these mosquito salesmen offer attractive 'packages' or, 'promotions' such as '30 PT sessions only for $7200!'. Those annoying closers can go fuck themselves.

That's not all.

They will tell you about referral schemes and offer you free gifts such as cheap material poorly manufactured bags from India with big fancy logos, or tiny little fee discounts of up to $20. In return, they need you to tell your friends so they can suck money from them too.

You might find it strangely they speak very fast and powerful english vocabulary which they will use against you. They have been trained to memorize all marked-up fees and offer you seemingly 'irresistible discounts' which realistically are the normal membership fees.

Example: Actual membership fees $180, during explanation they tell you it's $250 and say "if you join today, you will be charged only $189 and instead of paying $400 deposit I will waive-off your deposit to $0.00."

Sounds good? then you have just been fooled. There have been many cases of members comparing fees with each other 'I joined for $189 a discounted rate per month, how come they only charge you $165??'.

See what I mean? These blood-sucking leeches see you as walking money and are zombie'd to be commission rats, earning bonuses paid by the gym from sales they make of your agreement.

A survey was done by 'Choice' magazine in May 2009 and found that Fitness First was actually the gym which deploys the most aggressive psychological techniques in getting customers to sign complicated contracts and not explain clearly about the cancellation policy.

These slimes are pure evil, stooping one level lower than lawyers.

3) Membership cancellation problems

The face says it all.

Once you sign on the dotted line and after a few months, decide to cancel, by then you have pretty much forgotten about a certain condition stipulated inside the Terms and Conditions which you probably didn't read at the beginning.

You will be obligated to pay a whopping cancellation fee of around $200-$790 depending on how soon you cancel the membership. On top of that, they will charge you for one more month, because they just love milking money out of your pockets.

There have also been a history of cancellation problems where these giant fitness centres will continue to charge your credit card even after you terminate their services!

Your feeble attempt to accuse and stop the bullies from taking your money will result in a long long process. They will pretend they made an error and keep delaying your case until you forget all about the money they took from you.

Now hopefully you'll appreciate your sweaty ghetto gym and continue jogging outside during evenings!

~Sam Insanity


  1. Hahaha i'm still enjoying my time at the gym. You pay.. ur like obligated to go :P

  2. but I AM a member of a big gym :p just stating the disadvantages!

  3. the water ruins your nike shoes? really princess ? i doubt it

  4. Agree just try to focus on ur goals n ignore the salesperson

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  6. No it didnt happen in Celebrity Fitness. Ive joined Celebrity Fitness about 3 years. There is no such thing as per your mentioned above. The main point here ia your own goal. If u join commercial gym you can enjoy all benefit inside the gym that more attractive cmpare to my condo gym. Why ? Because they had more classes like zumba , cycling , body pump, yoga , hip hop class and etc... instead of the work out machine and other equipments. But its paid off. From upper body to lower body wkout machine, you still can enjoy the music and environment arounds u. Then u can make a new gym buddy that can share and gain kwnledge. If ur pocket filled with big penny then youcan take the package with personal training with their own qualified professional trainer. It depend on your mindset. Which gym that can motivate you to work out? .

  7. i have joined fitness first for 3 years but is sound okay for me...of cuz u paid such amount and the gym give u better facilities..last time i paid rm100 a month just for yoga n twice a week only...i just paid extra 80 i can go for classes n able to go worldwide

  8. that's very true for cali

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Re: Membership Subscription – 2nd Dues Deduction Failure -

    We thank you for your continued patronage and hope that you are enjoying your membership at True Fitness.

    We note that despite repeated reminders to you, you have yet to settle the amount of RM ____ for your monthly subscriptions and late payment penalties.

    Please take note that unless the said sum is paid to us within seven (7) days from the date hereof, we shall have no alternative but to refer the matter to our solicitors to take such course of action as may be necessary to recover the outstanding sum. We hope this course of action will not be necessary.

    Please be advised that in the event that legal proceedings are commenced against you for the recovery of the outstanding amounts, all interests, legal costs, and disbursements incurred will also be claimed against you on an indemnity basis.

    Please settle the total outstanding immediately through any of the following payment methods at the centre:

    Visa Card, Master Card or American Express
    Cheque (Payable to True Yoga Sdn Bhd. Please mail to censure
    Bank in at any Censured (Payable to True Yoga Sdn Bhd. Bank Account No: censured. Please fax in your bank in slip to us indicating your name and membership number to censured.)

    If you have already settled your account, kindly disregard this letter. Should you require any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact Credit Control Department at censured.

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Credit Control Department

    True Yoga Sdn Bhd

    This is an auto-generated letter which requires no signature.


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  10. The second paragraph at the very top of the article, the picture, and the caption below the picture were quite hot. It doesn't matter if the person describing it hates it (or secretly loves it and tries to describe it with disgust to counter the fact that things were said in great detail even though negative adjectives were thrown in with them). With the exception of the smoking thing, I wish there were gyms like that over here but no, we get to smell axe body spray and cologne, glade plug-ins, listen to hip hop playing over the speakers, and see guys walking around with waxed or shaved chests who never work out their calves.

  11. when you join a gym you gotta be man enough to say 'f*** off' to the salesmen and just focus on destroying your muscles. same goes to the fags and tattooed estroegen sissy males that populate the gyms.

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    Hope it helps

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  16. You know, the guy of the first picture, that one with the unshaved chest, he is considered a sex symbol. I'd be more than happy to see him around half naked, sweating all over the gym equipment and giving off that strong male scent.

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