Davidoff Champion: The Champion in You

What is, or more specifically; 

What makes a Champion?

Everyone carries and looks up to a Champion inside their hearts. 

My Champion is one who works hard to be the best, and is at the same time worthy of being recognized and respected by all.

My Champion, is the God of Comedy, 

Stephen Chow.

I grew up as a kid watching almost all of his movies (I don't remember the titles sadly) and I'm happy to say I'd sue him for making my stomach hurt so much from all the chronic laughing.

when Sam Insanity recommends a video, you don't need to think twice 
I'll just kill you with laughter.

This man is a living legend. He is my idol and he (along with Jim Carrey) is the reason why I like entertaining and making people laugh and smile all the time.

Of course, I too am human; and sometimes I feel like giving up. Torn by the cold splashes of reality; chasing after my passion, but I know the greats before me have stared fear straight in the eye and overcome it.

I wear Davidoff Champion as Eau De Toilette and aftershave to remind me I walk the footsteps of the Champion.

Each time I stray from the path I walk, the smell reminds me of Davidoff Champion's consolidated dumbbell shape, "a symbol of power and masculinity" and it keeps me positive. 
Davidoff is holding an online contest (it's super easy) on Facebook for Malaysian residents. 
Starting from this week following the next three weeks, all the way until the 10th of June 2012. 

Click here for details. 

Once the weekly contest is over, I'll be joining the Davidoff Bloggers Contest and you'll be able to see my picture there.

If you have a minute to spare me, vote for Sam Insanity as 
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Who is your Champion?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

~Sam Insanity~


  1. Your T-shirt has made you a CHAMPION. Don't Give Up!

  2. I wont :b Me likes this shirt. It cost me only RM20!

  3. i want that perfume! too bad im in the philippines..

  4. I'd say it's my teacher, she's always been there for me since the start and more ways than an ordinary teacher would be...as cheesy as that sounds.

    Stephen chow would be proud