Johnnie Walker Malaysia: The Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Dear Readers ( especially bloggers! )
I bring you much joy.

Johnnie Walker, the World's number one Scotch whisky

Partnering up with the brilliant, and highly successful Champions of the world, the legendary Formula 1 team, McLaren Mercedes!

Can you spot Mr. Walker?

Together, they share the values to win, innovate, and to create leaders such as

Lewis Hamilton
2008 Formula One World Champion (along with many other tiles won)

Jenson Button
2009 World Driver's Champion (with many other titles won as well.)

The dark knights Johnnie and McLaren will once again.. present a replica of the posh lifestyle the Johnnie Walker F1 drivers have privileged unrivaled and undying elite access into, to Kuala Lumpur known as....

Oh I remember this, baby.

(..and plenty of this)

The Black Circuit Lounge

Date & Venue is secret.

There are rumors, that event invites have already run out since the beginning of February.

Friends have cried to me! On their knees.... begged me... Even so go as far as look me in the eye, lie to me about their mothers and threaten me to get invited to The Black Circuit Lounge.

See for yourself. (Best watched on youtube in HD mode)

I could not put into words how it feels to be invited to The Black Circuit in Malaysia again for the second year round.

Especially after experiencing the VVIP treatment of
2010's Black Circuit Lounge.

And we know why.

I have witnessed the lifestyles of F1 drivers, and what amazes me most, is not how many trophies they've acquired,

Button in his head: 'What in the.. man the organizers must be nuts,
why am I holding a giant tuba?'

Lewis: 'If diamonds are girl's best friends,
then who needs girls when I have trophies and fast cars, Eh? EH?!'

Not how many times they're seen with gorgeous ladies,

(Bloody hell, even I could do better...)

And definitely not being surrounded by cameramen, every damn minute.

"Calm down you media-dogs!"

But what fascinates.. what fascinates me most about the life of these F1 drivers

Will always be their iron will of never giving up.

Yes. My sentiments exactly

Lewis Hamilton chased his dream from the age of 11 until he became the youngest driver signed to F1 drive. His father quit his IT job and took up 3 jobs a day just to support Lewis's go-kart career, it was impossible, but it paid off.

Jenson Button took the world after 10 years of racing, to be where he is now and was signed into good ol' Johnnie Walker's partner, the legendary Vodafone McLaren Mercedes deadset on winning the F1. It was twice as impossible, but it paid off.

I never knew humans could reach that level of patience, struggle, and determination. Sam Insanity gives his admiration to them.

Well I don't just 'think' I deserve to experience a part of their life with Johnnie Walker, I have made solid plans to live it out.

Twenty years.. it's been 20 long years that took me through much agony, much tears, much pain, much mourning to find my passion, and a place for me to fit into.

I will never take back the words I've said before about my previous life.

'The 9-6pm working life brought me deeper and deeper into depression. There was no one to talk to, and no one I could call a friend. I remember that day.. I'd prefer not say it in public, but it was the biggest fight of my life to take on my dad. A year later things have changed. I live the way I want to. I have yet to TRULY taste success, but I can smell it closer now more than ever.. it's near by and I just have to keep walking, even if the road is harsh. Every step is a learning process.'

Ambitious, Uncompromising.

I am still walking, and as one of Johnnie Walker's missionary, it is my mantra to keep walking.

Here's a sneak-peek of what's to come in The Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Hubba hubba.
I'm looking forward to seeing Sophia Lin ;)

Lewis in his head: 'Yesssssssss.'

Race ya' there.


-Sam Insanity


  1. Can see your bulu ketiak wei in the pic with Felixia. LMAO

  2. @Mike Yip - that one manly watttt....

  3. What a great job! Luv the photos! Girl you are on it~