The death of my dear friend. . and my sceduled performance

Dear Diary,
10th of May 2009, 6pm-ish

Diary, I am deeply saddened by Amanda's death, it was such a shock for her to die so early. It happened when she was riding with her friend Tomo to watch the new Wolverine Origins movie and a truck smash onto her car where she died on the spot, Tomo is currently in a coma, and her boyfriend? Let's just say he's a broken man right now.

I hope to set up a good date to go with Amanda's best friend Rachel to visit Amanda's grave soon hopefully. I will never forget you hun.. we almost became a couple if you hadnt fallen for another guy x] I'll visit you, I promise. Somehow I want you to watch my performance from somewhere, kisses to you.

My life is going in a good direction I guess, I haven't gone anywhere near confessing to that girl I like, but maybe it'll be soon, bwaaaaah~

Venue: Leisure Mall on May the 6th of 2009
Performance: Hip hop dance

Venue: Leisure Mall on May the 13th of 2009
Performance: Singing.
Song: Sway by Michael Buble


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