The real truth about the laws of attraction.

"And last but not least, to have fun."

Dear Diary.

The reality is that women know if you're a horny horse or a gentleman from the First time you approach them.

Women know when you're looking at them, and it can show whether you're a player or a gentleman.

That's why it's best to put on an emotionless front to create a mystifying aura, this works in bars by the way, not in noisy clubs.

The reality is, a girl who makes you chase her, is like texas poker when you're on rage mode.
Eventually you'd go broke, you've lost it. That's why you have to stay calm.

It's when I hold my phone, and I check the messages for her replies. They are not there, rarely they are.

When I control my body, with calm mind over restless body, I can achieve anything.

I refer to my old statement, " Your emotions will eventually lead to your downfall. "

It had already happened to me twice, I have to control my body.

A purely confident gentleman.. with a sweet smile.

George Clooney is a master at that.


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