Sam Insanity's birthday. Signs made for me

Hello reader.

Yes I'm talking to you

Here I am typing away with the oh so little time I have to blog!

Last Wednesday I booked 5 tables for my birthday but refrained from sending out the invitations because they were so slow at responding my calls that I had to wait until they finally replied me on Sunday night. Heh.. Sunday.... and my 22nd birthday was on the 22nd of February, ON FUCKING Tuesday!

So believe it or not I managed to invite 45 friends through my Facebook birthday event on Monday and celebrated my birthday on Tuesday evening under a mere 18 hours (un-fuckin'believable).

Finding time to organise and celebrate my 22nd birthday the past week has been a real nut job, but I'm happy it turned out well and I thank ACA Charity as well as everyone who came for celebrating my birthday together with me. I don't have much time to blog at the moment, so other blog posts will have to wait.

Last but not least I'm so happy I could celebrate it together with You, my beloved reader.

Here are 58 59 signs (sorry May Cih, I totally missed out your sign!!) handmade by some of you together with my sexy friends, 9gaggers, fans, handsome men, and beautiful ladies from all around the world.

For your eyes only.

Starting off with my best friend and superstar 
celebrity of Malaysia Siti Saleha. love you babe!

Some day I'm going to grow old;

and I'll look back at these pictures and be happy that

all of you were once a part of my life.

Thank you all for making me birthday signs. I love all of you,
and you know it.

~Sam Insanity~ (officially 22)