MTV World Stage 2011 is coming to Malaysia. -___- I'm alive not dead

Guys, I've been away making money, thus I've left my blog dormant since March!

But hell I am surprised.

I expected the blog to be dead by now but my blog's stat viewership has been staying up like an elephant's penis.

So thank you for you stalkers all over the world keeping it alive, and just for you, I'll make a short post.

Here's a peek of what I've been up to.

I did a commercial for i-City that was produced by MTV Asia. 

It's been replaying over and over on multiple Astro channels (especially on MTV) geared up for MTV World Stage 2011 in i-City at Shah Alam (July 24th). The commercial is currently broadcasting throughout South East Asia on several broadcast stations in several countries.

We're geared up for electrifying American rock-band, 30 Seconds to Mars coming all the way down from Los Angeles to the plagued land of stupid taxi drivers as well as Curi curi wang Malaysia for corrupt government officials pocketing our tax money.. almost forgetting, the not so famous local band, Popshuvit....

I'm honored for my blog to be listed down on and mentioned in several websites even though I haven't written an article for over 120 days! Go ahead and google 'Sam Insanity'. I do have to up my presence on YouTube, but that'll have to wait.

My schedule's pretty booked through the week with work and it's pretty hellish to balance it out with my college timetable and research paper, but I'll be blogging more often from now on.

Of course I wouldn't be me if I stopped partying. 
(Hennessy Artistry 2011)

(Jason's Pink Party)

(Johnny Walker Black Circuit VIP Lounge 2011)

(Tee Ying Zhi's Birthday 2011 @Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)

Nevertheless my life has been taking a turn for the better.

I promise you another update this week, 

If I forget, you can bitch at me on my Twitter which is @saminsanity 

Oh, and by the way 

I cut my hair. 


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