ELEVATE Melaka: Patricia Knudsen, Elecoldxhot, Hiloco

Welcome to

Or should I say I am welcomed to Melaka! I'm 22 this year but I had never been to Melaka my whole life. :confession bear:

I was invited last Saturday and jumped at it instead of going to Hennessy. 

So I started in Melaka with the girls and Nelson Teon. 

With bad planning we ended up waiting  Capitol Satay Celup

This is a photo my friend Venice Min finds cute -__- 
Dunno what's wrong with her

No one told me I had to line up for 2 hours and 30 minutes. That's longer than it took Christ I wasted my whole day there at Melaka.

My face after lining up for 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

Glorious food.

We ate quite a lot and the bill only ended up as RM30.00! Cheapppp.

So the evening began with our arrival at the Melaka International Trade Centre.


Where were you? The sexy registration ladies had no one to talk to all night.

Lol JK they were pretty busy.

 Mad packed with people.

I was greeted by the greenscreen photo. It's a really kick-ass background generator that makes you look like you're anywhere in the world.

Myself on the left with the girls and their friends from Melaka on the interactive dance pad.

 Brian Burger warming up the stage.

Emcees of the night Joey G and Patricia Knudsen.

For the first time, a guy is doing all the talking and not the woman.

Patty getting ready to spin.

 The girls with Joey.

These are most of my fellow bloggers from Kuala Lumpur who trvelled down all the way to Melaka

Firemasters entertaining the crowd.

With the bloggirls.

Lisa Chow


The main act sexy DJ Hiloco comes out.

 Her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard.

Then comes out Elecoldxhot, coined the no.1 dance group in Malaysia.

Gangnam Style. 

Me and Patty 

Nelson and Lisa

Sam, Sam & Sam.

Nelson, Polly, NguNgu and CheeChee.

Guess who complained about the toilet being too far for heels. Lol

You know a party's awesome when a guy pukes in his shirt at his own armpit.

NguNgu's all like "Gimme some o' that puke."

Vivian and Sam

Sam and Vivian

Myself with Jocelyn Coco

^Funniest photo ever.

I asked the girls to do a sexy shoot on the table.

Nearing the party's end, I did something funny and asked all the guys to imitate the girls.

Sexy hunk of the year: Ryan Mo

Best party ever. 

Some guests and friends I took pictures of:

It's always a joy to party at ELEVATE having fun with the friends. Thank you ELEVATE and Don for inviting me (as VIP, yet again.)


We'll see you again

~Sam Insanity~