ELEVATE @ Black Magic KL: Mari Ferrari, Kylie Chapman, Jim Hackman, Jason Vandal, Elecoldxhot

Welcome to Elevate.

Last month I posted about my experience at ELEVATE Penang, the one where I was forced to hold a
Mocha Girl's hand.

Recently I was invited again to the ELEVATE event in Kuala Lumpur at the Black Magic KL club as a VIP guest (huhuhu..) thanks to Elevate and Don.

The headline act was DJ Mari Ferrari and I wanted to see what she was all about. First off we went into the club

 Sam, Sam and Sam.

The first performance started off with my beloved Kylie Chapman as master of ceremonies. Miss you bebeh.

Check out her Facebook here

Kylie brought in the first act Jason Vandal VS Jim Hackman and they started ripping at each other out
in a rap battle.

Jason Vandal

It was the first time I've seen a rap battle live and I would say Jason ripped the crap outta Jim who at times couldn't hold his position. Jason was bout' that life.

 Music by Mastermind.

The next act was non other than the current most popular dance group in Malaysia, Elecoldxhot 

The blogger girls (from left to right) ShirnieSamantha, Karmun and Vivian

The problem with ELEVATE was that it was too damn crowded. But I can't blame the event for being so successful!

I was very happy to bump into my ex latin dance partner Cindy whom I haven't seen in 3 years.

The next act was Elecoldxhot once again with their signature performance I saw in Penang

With Elecoldxhot's cool performance warming up the stage, it was time for DJ Mari Ferrari to take over.

And she was sexay!

Partying at ELEVATE is always such a pleasure. It never fails to disappoint Sam Insanity.

This time I may have gone overboard with the pics though. Here are various guests and friends I took photos of: 



I happen to be going for ELEVATE again in Melaka this time. Catch me there!
Peace out.

~Sam Insanity

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