I'm going to Ms. World paegents to dance next year

Dear Diary,
Sunday 30th November 2008 posted around 11.40pm~

It's true~ I danced with Ms. Malaysia World, she's also a student at our Dance V Me academy, and we were practicing latin dance steps =o

I didnt get any photos yet because there's no one to hold the camera while I'm dancing :[

At first I thought she was really tall, me being 6 ft and she was almost the same, until i looked down and saw her wearing some heels, have to admit though, she's tall for a Malaysian girl, the average height of a Malaysian is 5'3 XDD

The way we look into each other's eyes is weird, she's like smiling at me and I'd just smile back, the usual dudes would be like OMG MISS MALAYSIA *runsaway* but geez, look around you, President Bush, Michael Jackson, Jay Chou, Tom Cruise, who ever they are, they're all human, just dressed fancy, they're the same as you, your're the same as them. It's their achievement that makes people stupid, naturally :/

While I was dancing (Disco Rock) with Sarah today, she's kinda shy around me I guess? and tells me to relax myself alot, I AM relaxed, I just go with the flow but I think she's the one who needs to relax haha :p

We switch partners everytime we finish steps, but she was like 'no not the guy next to us!' and I was laughing like heck, because he was so small and skinny. 'He'll drop me', luckily he just almost fell down. e_e;

My instructor wants me to go to the Ms. World contest and dance with the pageants, I mean how awesome is that? 50 of the most amazing women from 50 nations, dancing with them? Holy ***t

Initially she said 31st of December 2008, I was like 'that date's so near' heck, I'm going to Europe for 12 days from the 22nd to the 31st December to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, England and Germany (the effing package costed RM50,000 for 6 people omfg D= ) so tough luck, but she's gonna to stick me in the group for next year's Ms. Malaysia (August) and Ms. World (Decemberrr) for 2009.

Thinking about it, if the world is watching me dance with the pageants, maybe a record label company might look into my profile and ask me to work with them, it's a possibility =D

So i'm pumped up to dance every god damn day and improve on my Latin and Hip Hop steps, even at gym, at the office, wherever. D<

It's 12am midnight, I'm going to bed~ :]

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