What is really a real Real Reality?


Dear Diary, 16th July 2010.
It's 2.40am and I just got back from an empty KLCC.. beautiful.

I've always wondered about reality.

Being as open-minded as possible, I always wondered whether it'd always end up as:

growing up -> chase girls -> study hard -> get qualified -> flourish in a career -> buy a nice car -> settle down -> get a house -> retire somewhere nice as a grandpa with kids.

That's the normal life, and I've always been looking for a way to worm out, to escape this fixed system of society's ultimate goal.

Skydiving without parachute? Build skyscrapers?

I looked so hard for an answer, looked so hard for it in the Internet that I got sucked into the cyberworld.

I spent so much time on the computer, it didn't just become an addiction.. It became my Virtual reality.

Watching inception, I finally broke off from it and remember who I am.

The internet is dangerous.. it provides me a vast knowledge of everything. But it trapped me.

It trapped me into a social network cluster called facebook.. it is a trap, it isn't anything at all to be proud of, it isn't an achievement. It's actually a fucking waste of time

Like a geek who made a super good videogame, the geek who created facebook is puppeting all of us, all of our minds. He made facebook so so so good to use.. that we eventually forget ourselves and want to dedicate the rest of our waking lives to utilize it.

But that isn't real.. virtual reality is a seed of the real reality. The real reality.. is not something that someone makes in order for us to feel comfort...

The real reality is to fight for the time. To fight for the time we have left on this fucking stupid world.

I shall abstain from the virtual.. fictionous life I've been living from now on.

I live once again.. I can't trust facebook.

Hardwork is reality...

~Sam Insanity Sonata.

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