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HP asked me to inform you guys about it's printers, and I must say I am impressed. (either that or I'm really outdated with the capabilities technology of today can bring.)

HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110a
If you can email it, you can print it.

Yes. You can Scan, Print and Photocopy AND you don't need wires;

It's a wireless printer.

Without using a computer, you could use the HP TouchSmart Frame to print out your documents/photos/brochures. In my opinion, the best feature of this printer is the cutting edge wifi-based technology where it prints your desired files from anywhere, anytime, with any device using wifi; and nowadays isn't wifi everywhere?

You can print it no matter if you are across the room, or doing you doo-doo in the toilet if you're smart enough to print out the file by accessing your phone (yay BB/iPhone/smartphone users). The price?

It's affordable.

Costs RM389 which is cheap (well, for me at least); but it's great in long-term and the price is definitely worth the value.

You also might be able to receive RM50 off by checking out http://www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia

For a detailed visual of the HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer, click here.

Next up

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer K209a

Ultra-low-cost printing baby.

Such convenient print, scan and photocopying features, but wait.

Am I having a wet dream?

(This picture gives me dirty thoughts. -grin- )

600 pages for a RM27 cartridge? Holy balls.

That's like, a 3-hour long orgasm.

This printer ejaculates 28 pages per minute in black ink and 23 pages per minute in colour print outs, which further convinces me it is a sex machine.

And RM27 per cartridge? That's like 4 cents per page yo!

Depending on your print quality and desired ink usage, you could set this printer to low, medium, and high-quality.. such powerful ejaculation features. The price?


I'd personally go throw in another RM70 for the wireless e-All-in-One Printer shown above, but if you like to fill up your home's power plug socket's / jack for fun and drive up electricity bills, be my guest ;)

For detailed features of the Deskjet Ink Advantage, click here.

By the way, for all highschool, college and university students reading this


HP will be holding its Hit Print Roadshow around your college. It starts from today (20th July 2011) until the 9th of August so try as much as you can to get the discounts.

Actually, don't try to get discounts.

Even better, play their games and win a HP printer for RM1! Join the photo contest too and win iPads, HP printers, smartphones and etc.

All details of roadshow will be announced on HP Malaysia Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia so , go ‘like’ their page for the latest new and to stand yourself to win new personal gadgets home!

Here's the link for you. https://www.facebook.com/HPmalaysia

I'll be around the colleges to check out the roadshow myself, gonna take a few photos too. See you there maybe!

~Sam Insanity

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