HP roadshows are back. (Hewlett-Packard Malaysia)

So it begins...

HP’s page announced that its HP roadshow is back again with more great offers.

From the
19th of July - 9th of August 2011, HP Hit Print Roadshow will hit multiple colleges and universities in Klang Valley, you can get details over here.

So at KDU the other day HP happened to be there holding a roadshow.

Ink cartridge, RM27; 600 pages! Holy balls. No need to ask the auntie to photocopy for me anymore lah

I was looking to get a HP Photosmart Wireless but I couldn't win! :( Grrr RM1.00 PRINTER

Next stop, KLMU where HP ran a roadshow again!

I must win either of these printers for RM1 at the roadshow.. MUST MUST MUST.

There’s a photo contest on HP Facebook Malaysia that offers prizes such as HP printers, iPad and Smartphones. Maybe I should take part in it since I'm so handsome? -hears puking sounds in the background-

Okay. See you at the roadshow. Have fun guys~

~Sam Insanity

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