Agent 7.7 MISSION 1.2 - Retrieving the Galaxy Tab 7.7

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To his horror, Google Maps showed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ! 
“I didn’t expect it to be at HQ! The mole must be one of the top agents. We have to move.” he exclaimed and jumped from the chair after being released by Agent 10.1 who came to his rescue. 
“Wait. Give me your clothes” 
“Wha-?” exclaimed the flabbergasted Agent 7.7. 
Agent 10.1 took his coat off. 
“Most likely the spy is still outside waiting for you, I’ll pretend to be you and drive around town while you get out from the back.” she smiled playfully. 
“Genius. Except I’ll be heading back to HQ in my underwear.” 
Agent 10.1 chuckled putting a cap on and wearing his clothes. “That’s why you’re the best agent. Good luck.” 
Agent 7.7 slid out from the back of the club and flagged a cab with a wad of cash on the side of the road. The taxi driver floored the gas and reached the location in no time. 
Agent 7.7 threw the wad of cash at the taxi driver as he retrieved it while wondering about the scantily clad agent in his underwear. 
Agent 7.7 was one of the top 3 men who knew of a secret passage inside of HQ, evading all security measures which was used in case of an attack on base. 
He reached the end of the secret passage and quietly opened up the back of a bookshelf at the end. How funny it would be if someone caught me in my underwear. 
Agent 7.7 came out from the passage in the Director’s private library and immediately accessed all hidden surveillance cameras in the headquarters. 
He spotted his GALAXY Tab 7.7 unattended to at Warehouse area and rushed over, with his Glock 19 in 9×19mm handgun tucked in the side of his underwear. 
He accesses the section with ease and finds no one is around. He walks over to the table and and picks up his GALAXY Tab 7.7.

The mission is nearing it’s end, but something is amiss.. could you write the story so unexpectedly in such a way you could win yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7?! Click here for more info

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