Agent 7.7 MISSION 2.2 - King

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Agent 7.7 receives a call from HQ and found out he's fired.

“Alright Mr. Akino.” Agent 7.7 disconnected the call that just came in with a stone-faced expression. He clutched his compact Glock 19 handgun and hand-signalled to Agent 5 as they silently advanced towards the control room.

In another room a man is seen putting the phone down but was soon alarmed by the click sound of a loaded gun behind him.

‘Put your hands on your head.’ demanded Agent 7.7.

‘What right do you have to authorise Agent 7.7’s discharge?’ questioned Agent 5.

The man spun his chair around, ‘I didn’t. It was a Level 6 cease-and-desist order from the top’.

Level 6? Agent 5 lost her posture, ‘But that would mean..!’

‘The Big Boss; König the King.’

König, a german word for ‘king’. The man was a legend amonst all agents and predecessor to the current directors who went missing years ago.
An elderly voice full of authority suddenly came from behind.

‘Lower your weapons.’

It was non-other than King himself. Agent 7.7 quickly pointed his Glock on his forehead ready to shoot.
‘There’s a mole in the agency who’s been framing me for..’

‘I won’t say it again, lower your weapon.’

Agent 7.7 held his stand for a moment and lowered his arm.

King walked towards them ‘I know there’s a scum hiding in the agency’ stopping right in front of Agent 5.

‘This is national-security level threat that wasn’t decided one fine day. This predicament was planned for years by a mastermind and it could involve delegates, the royal family and many leaders from other countries’.

He turned to Agent 7.7, ‘A grand plan is at hand and I’ve been tracing this bastard for years.’

König put his hand his coat to pull out something that seemed alarming but turned into a surprise. He had a GALAXY Tab 7.7 of his own.

Continue this story to win yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, details over here at Samsung's Facebook


  1. LOL. You're good in twisting the story aroud. XD That was my plot twister! =D

  2. You're quite the twister :P Hope you win the GALAXY Tab 7.7!