Agent 7.7 MISSION 3.2 - The fake Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7

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"BREAKING NEWS!" Boomed the TV. "Psychopath kills civilians" Agent 7.7 is now a wanted murderer! 
A clip of the incident showed a man randomly shooting bystanders with the person bearing striking resemblance to Agent 7.7.

‘The man is smart’, said King.

Agent 7.7 rubbed his chin. ‘As planned.’ 
Agent 5 looked at the both of them. ‘What are you two on about?' 
King sighed and explained, ‘The mastermind behind this knows we’re on his tail’

‘It’s all part of his plan from the messages sent to Mr. Akino’s phone. He put an imposter in place so I can’t operate smoothly.’ said Agent 7.7 still watching the television.

Wait a minute.. He sat down on a chair, pulled out his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 and inspected it. 
His face turned pale.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Agent 10.1 out curiosity.

‘This GALAXY Tab 7.7….’, Agent 7.7 spun his chair around, ‘isn’t mine.’

‘Are you sure?’ asked King.

‘Yes, this definitely isn’t mine. All the data was replicated but the fool made one blunder; I didn’t arrange the apps like this. The mastermind must be expecting us to follow Akino’s trail’. Agent 7.7 pulled out his gun in Agent 5 and 10.1’s surprise.

‘König the King, you are under arrest.’
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