Agent 7.7 MISSION 4.1 - The Chase

Write what happens next to Agent 7.7 and win a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 from Sam and Samsung! Details at the bottom.

"The ambassador was fatally wounded. A bodyguard asks him who did it, he points at Agent 7.7 and dies." 
Agent 7.7 gave a chase and ignored the shouts of his pursuers, quickly jumping over the castle walls running after the assailant.

The situation was intense. Bullets came flying past inches from his head, yet he was so close to his assailant. 

A call came in from HQ.

Agent 7.7 answered the phone, despite his treacherous situation.

‘I’m kind of busy now!’

What was to happen next was totally unexpected.

Writge what happens next to Agent 7.7 and you could be walking away with a Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7! Details here at

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