Agent 7.7 - Mission Complete.

The 5 winners of 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7s have been chosen.

Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying "This is just the beginning"

With one final look, Agent 7.7 looked straight into the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7’s 2MP front camera and said to it;

“I’ll be waiting.”

Agent 7.7 put his Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 away next to his drinks and dozed off to the summer heat.

In contrast to the relaxed Agent 7.7 on a hammock - somewhere in a concealed base...

A control room containing a stressed man is monitoring hundreds of video screens spying on different channels picks up on the agent and sends the feed to his superior.

The head operator plays it. He knows. He looks over his shoulder at the true mastermind.

“Sir. There is no doubt, this is the one. Stable, where the others fail. Perfectly in control."

A mysterious man speaks from the shadows.


Continue monitoring the specimen.”


Here are the 5 winners who will receive one Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 each. Congratulations agents!

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