Sometimes, life just gets to me.

Dear Diary,
Monday the 2nd of February 2009, 5.30pm-ish

Life gets to everyone, amazingly even me. All my randomness, self-indulgence, and beliefs just goes shark mode and backfires at me, destroys whatever self-esteem I have, and leaves me staring at the ceiling for hours wondering what the hell's the meaning to this life.

Then after a long while I feel alright after talking to kelly about it and have thoughts 'I don't wanna end up like that everyday normal guy', or the guy on the street who sells pizza every freaking day of his life until he's dead.

It's alright if he actually someone who has no choice and has a family to raise, but if he's some carefree bum who's dad wants him to learn the art of making pizza and doesn't care much about the rest of his life taking it for granted, that's somebody who I'll go nowhere close to.

'Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.'

Time to build up some confidence


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