Michael Jackson's memorial : Fit for the King

Michael Josophine Jackson,
Always in my heart.
(1958 - 2009)

~8th of July 2009 : 9.20pm~

Dear Diary,

Today morning I heard on the radio while driving to work, 'Michael Jackson's memorial on Star World channel 711 on Astro, be there at 6.30pm'.

I was like holy fuck, guest appearances by my other idol Stevie Wonder and one of my fav singers John Mayer. I knew I couldn't make it back in time so I had to leave early from work or something. But I had to settle a problem and I left work at 6, drove 70 miles per hour as fast as I could and arrived back home at 7pm. I almost crashed into a motorcycle but MJ's more important.. hah. So 30minutes late was alright, as long as I got to see the ending.

I watched the Michael Jackson's memorial a few minutes late. Tears almost came out as I listened and watched the beautiful song 'Heal the World' being performed, family members wearing sparkling white gloves and friends giving their sad speeches, and then the small little girl at the end of the show had to come out and grab the mic with her little hands and whack the tears outta my head.

In the end MJ's brothers and brothers, relatives, they all carried Michael Jackson's golden coffin out of the place, it was a sight to remember.

Michael Jackson, people I think of and lovers to have in the future
But you will always have a special place in my heart. And my legs.. my arms.. I'll think of you when I dance haha.


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