I'm back, baby

Back from Langkawi, burned like a peanut with desire.

~17th of July 2009 : 11.30pm~

Dear Diary,

Guess who's back on a monkey stick, monkey stick, monkey stick.
Yeah I just flew in Langkawi and I feel like a million fucking bucks. I had time to think and reflect on myself, have fun for 4 whole days and made a decision to get my life back on track.

What I hope to achieve, what I live for, what my goal is. These are important but above all, I must always have mind over body, brain over arms, heart over feet. If I let my body take control of me, I'll end up like some emo shithead with no hopes and dreams.

If I am dead serious on what I want to do and put all my mental and physical strengths to build it, there will surely be progress.

My confidence is up, I'm 800% positive, I can smile again and I really feel the need to improve.. I feel like I can finally look in the mirror and look into my own eyes again. Let's roll.

Planning to - dance study and get hit on, yeah.

P.S. Still thinking of MJ.


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