Goodbye, Michael Jackson.

.:: Friday the 25th of June 2009 7.26pm ::.

Dear Diary,

Some very grim news has reached my ears today, the legendary Michael Jackson has passed away on the 25th of June 2009 at UCLA Medical Centre.

Michael Jackson has been one of my biggest childhood heroes for as long as I could remember, or even begin to THINK when I was a toddler. Riding the backseat of my uncle and aunt's Mercedes Benz while listening to 'Heal the World', it's so nostalgic.

News of his death feels unreal to me, he's just like one of those walking gods who would seem to live on forever. But his spirit has left the world today, and I must come to accept it. I feel more shock than grief right now, but it'll soon hit me like a brick that he is really gone. His death pars with my other childhood hero, Steve Irwin the croc hunter, god damn why do they have to die so early.

Even up till now, I never get tired of listening to his music that transcends beyond anything a normal person could ever accomplish. Some of my favorite songs I can name on the top of my head are 'Billy Jean', 'Heal the World', 'Black of White', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Earth Song', ' Smooth Criminal', 'You rock my wold', 'Don't stop till you get enough' and 'Rock with you'. And every single one of those are amazing.

I can't stand people eating so much shit from the media that they label MJ as a child molestor, he was forced to accept what he was not in order to get past all that bullshit, Michael, you are a hero. A hero not only to the United States, but to the world. Every single country will listen to your music. Your music connects everyone together and rock with your beat.

I will let my son hear your music MJ, my son's sons, my son's sons sons, and I'll make my son make his sons and their sons and every one of my kid's kids listen to Michael Jackson.

You will never be forgotten, because once you forget someone who's gone, their very existence will fade away. Fuck dammit I planned to visit you when I got older.

So many people believed in your beat, your musicality, your rhythm your soul. You connected different people from so many parts of the world into one entity, You, are the best there is, no, you are a God. No other can take your place, not Rain, not Usher, not Se7en, nor Justin Timberlake no one.

Michael Jackson, you will always be the King of Pop. And I will try my very best to not think of how you died, but how you lived.

Live on through your music forever MJ, we love you.

I'll probably record something fun as a tribute to you Michael.

Rest in peace from Malaysia.


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