"Many say I have the ultimate asian eyes.
I don't believe them,
But I don't doubt them either."

~25th of August 2009 : 10.30pm~
Dear Diary,

I've been neglecting you, diary, for quite a while now. Seeing last I posted on the 17th of July 09 after that refreshing trip, I'm such a bum. I think I joined dance class around October 08, now I'm like, really good at it. Sadly I'm not committed enough to practice it everyday, same with guitar, I'm too occupied (in my head).

Recently I've taken an interest to top of the line games, finished Crysis, Fall Out 3, Street Fighter 4, Call of Duty 4 etc. And they're gooooood.. As a kid I was always thinking of how to stay on the computer and earn money at the same time. Figures I'd just have to open up a cyber cafe and manage it.

I've landed a modeling job in November, wonder how it'll turn out. As for now I have to plan a buttload of things stuck on my head like superglue. I am thinking of my true potential as a human being, but it always leads to the same thing; I have to go out into the world and see for myself. 'Determination, Potential.'


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