My first condom.

"Sometimes I wonder if I will remain a virgin forever,
the very thought of it scares me."

~5th of October 2009 : 1.30am~

Dear Diary,

One fine day.. I went to Guardian Pharmacy to buy anti-body zit shampoo refills.

Then looking around the pharmacy, I stared at a durex pleasure-max and remembered all the values instilled in me through education that I should use a fucking condom before I fuck. So I took it. It's not hard or complicating, it's just a normal consumer and retailer thing.

(I do admit though, this may serve as a tutorial to virgin guys out there.)

As I approached the receptionist..

I started having thoughts to the extremity to the point where I was actually planning to steal the condom pack.

But then I manned myself up and knew, that this was something every man had to do, even if it was the first step.

After all, how could you bear knowing you stuck something you stole into someone?

As the receptionist scanned the condom's barcode . . .

I did forget to check the price, and god it was hella expensive at $24 or something seeing how China distributes free condoms in front of their hotels, then again it's Durex.

Oh I actually caught the receptionist, she's a nice aunt who gave me a health magazine for free that some other customer bought and forgot to bring with her.

Durex pleasuremax & free magazine, shampoo too

Holy fucking cibai!

  • No you will not be asked to identify your age
  • No the receptionist will not give you a perverted or a disgusted look
  • Neither should you
  • Price of good condom packs're around $30
  • Yes I am a pure virgin, and a gentleman at that.

Random: Woooot go Obama


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