"A psycho plots on, behind that playful smile..
Don't admire, Learn."

Dear Diary, it's 11.10pm and my head just cleared up.

How could I forget myself? Insane, playful, powerful, shocking, random, mind-blowing, extreme, controversial, fearless, raw.

Those are the traits that surround me, that are me. I find mixing with the wrong crowd blurs me, bores me. I am a bomb, waiting to explode. Now is not the time, I am not ready yet.

A bullet, dull. A gun has hundreds. Everyday, hundreds fail to penetrate that shield. I, sharpening, always. One day, I alone, as the armor-piercing ammo, shall PENETRATE, shall BREAK, shall OBLITERATE and EXPLODE and bring awe to the world. It's Malaysia, I need the world.

I am the only one who can do this. I am the only one with the power.

I only live once, I have no time left. Wasted time will never come back.

Look into that mirror, stare into that eye, find out the colour of my iris. I know who I am.

There is no shame, there is no laughter, there is nothing shallow about me, don't give a damn, I go up, you can't bring me down.

Smexy Asian Catboii: Everyday, trapped in this cocoon.. I can't wait to release myself, into the outer world where danger and adventures await me. Then only, I can finally exert everything at my will, as free and as wild as the horse I envision myself to be, forever running on that long stretching field of smooth green grass with dancing winds. I will be, a great man.

This isn't a random post, I must do this.

PUSH HARDERRRR. I will succeed, I MUST SUCCEED. Time to get Serious. Serious Sam.



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