2009 ends, and so 2010 begins.

"Ford Supermodel of the World Malaysia 2009 has ended.
One door may have closed, but many new ones have opened.
Sam placed 7th place in the top 10 male finalists.
And began modeling on December 2009 as a freelance model."

Dear Diary,

it's 1am and today is Tuesday the 19th of JANUARY 2010, I'm here alone in the living room. It's dark out there as I type away with a fan blowing at whatever I can feel with my blonde hair brushing against my forehead.

Diary, it's been one hell of a ride from November till December 09. Within a span of a month I've made so many new family members! I am an idiot, but I am a lovable idiot. :)

"For the first time in my life, my hair was dyed.
Blonde too, just like my favourite character, Onizuka. FUCK"

A Big chapter in my life.
Amber Chia is my dear lovely big sister, pinky still doesn't like me (haha.), Benjamin toong is always silly with his sex jokes, ahya and shah always fooling around with each other, david still tries hard to be a man at 19, kit is still maintaining her modeling profession, wilson left for korea, margiela and ann left for hong kong, eleen and wei hou are dating, elvie is back to her stewardess job, calvin moved to kl to chase his modeling dreams, qiang hui is still doing runway, cassandra went back to manage her agency, shaquila wanita and gail i think are still working, chet launched his new company Beau & Belle. kelly and danny are now parkson's ambassadors.

"Can you spot me?"

The End of Ford Supermodel 2009
Now that everyone has moved on to other directions in life, I have my own as well. When I hit 20 on Feb I'm going to quit my dad's company and go fully into training my modeling, deejaying, emcee-ing, voiceover works, dancing and singing. I have made quite alot of new friends who are going to help me in this, this 2010 is going to be a blast. I have set the bars higher and have 90 days to achieve my body's best condition (with abs if possible). I will move forward forard forward and nothing will get in my way. I might join Ford Supermodel 2010.

I only started clubbing at 19, thanks to a certain dear dai kor *errhmm*aaron*cough* :P and I've been clubbing like a monkey at Zouk(future,velvet,barsonic), Rootz (has shutdown), 7atenine, KL Live (Life Center) 'used to be Ruums' and the latest of all, MOS. I'm slowing down clubbing soon, I have very serious goals to pursue, after Wednesday's MOS school Uniform party I probably won't be going out for a very long time.

Yumiko =3 !
I've met an awesome girl who has become.. probably my bestest frienddddd, her name is Babyuko Yumiko Hanagata (or chong saman! kena saman betul.. kekeke). At first I didnt realise, she was the first girl I talked to during the Ford Supermodels of the World Malaysia 2009 auditions. She (baby) added me on facebook and I was like.. 'japanese girl?!'.

Later she added me on msn and she asked me to come shoot with Raymond and herself. I was quite excited since it would be my first time out of Ford Supermodel doing a photoshoot. It went really well, we had so much fun, and baby who once hated me (for tricking her that i'm korean) liked me alottt, sorry baby~ We celebrated 2010 together with dear friends Gavin Mas Renee and Sammy

"Celebrating the coming of 2010"


"Shot at the hotel room of penang"

PENANG (Fucking Komtar)
A few days after the shoot, baby decided to go to penang for fun and when she invited me to come, I jumped at it. I had never been to penang before! not in my life (i havent been to malacca or klang or kuantan before, stuck at klcc all my life lah). We spend 3 hours with my shitty kembara reaching penang, I was shocked we had to actually go past Ipoh to reach penang!!!

I dreamed Penang would be another huge ass city, as big as KL, maybe with another klcc. But when I reached there.. it looked like a fucking kampung, maybe half a city but definitely the other half is a fucking kampung. Baby may pretend to know penang, but after we reached penang, we spent another 1hr 30 minutes looking for our damn hotel! Our hotel was alright, had a nice ocean view. Some fuckers kept calling yumiko in the middle of the night disturbing her, yumiko complains but I just listen, that's all I can do as a friend. I trust her, and she trusts me. The rest of penang? I don't fucking want to talk about it, but I'll give you a hint. Watch this video, go on, don't be shy, baby made it just for you.


Fucking penang, will never drive there again. I'll just take the RM30 bus instead of pay RM400 for petrol and toll charges. Fucking komtar.. no road signs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. My friend Yano had it worse though, her dumb friend drove to Langkawi instead of KL for 15 whole hours, that's like travelling from Malaysia to France man.

I'll probably be returning to breakdancing, hiphopping, bodybuilding. I have to give an answer to my potential manager by this week. Tzee's farewell party is coming ]: I'm going to celebrate it as well and send my little kiwi flying off happy :]
I can't believe I'm actually helping to manage her photoshooting sessions for her, but I'm glad I did it. kiwisoyalove CANNOT waste that white skin and cute look, she looks better than half the girls in the country. Speaking of which, get me out of malaysia!!! let's live in australia =D yeah right.. maybe 5 years later, sigh.

Wow, 2010 is really happening. From 2007 to 2009, all I did was work a shitty job at the office doing paperwork paperwork paperwork.. filing, chopping, postman job, cleaning at fucking RM800 a month. February will be the end and the beginning of my new life.

I have a feeling something better is about to happen.

~Sam <3

finished writing at 3am wtfish?

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