Haters. Do you know how stupid this looks?

"May I present to you, doctor simon edward the retard."

Lol.. the funniest hate reply I have ever read in my blog.

Haters, let me bold out how stupid this looks.

(with a small d -> )doctor simon edward

well. i have been reading your blog since last two weeks !! i am from england by the way !! well, i think ..i really think that you have no life !! haha, really !! you wouldnt write a diary if you have a life !! you are lost in your life !! deep down in your heart, ask yourself, what have you done that really make yourself feel proud !! i guess not, if you have you would have posted and write it down here !! so anyway, good going !! loser !!! ciao, i am a psychologists. i have been working for almost ten years so i can really read you. if you have any problem feel free to contact me !! free advices..

April 30, 2010 2:26 PM


Right 'doctor'. Let's see assess how you write like after 10 years being in the industry.

  • No capital letters.
  • Despite presumably concluding a report, says 'i think.. i really think'
  • Presence of unstable emotions with hurtful intentions with number of 'you's stated.
  • Very unusually long reply.
  • Shitty english.
  • No contact number, no proof of profession.
  • Very bad grammar

ciao, i am a psychologists.

Psychologist my ass. HAHAHAHA xD. I happen to be learning psychology right now.

Conclusion, I can tell you really are a low-life Malaysian shithead born and bred from a slut in horrible streets of Chow Kit hiding behind the internet. :)

Instead of being a blood sucker on other people's blog, go get a life.

Oh, and sorry for the late reply, I only blog twice a week at most due to my very busy schedule filled with studies, gym, modeling part-time, vocal classes, time for family and friends.

Thanks for making my day feel so much better, mr. psychologists <- with an S.

Stupid people these days.. XD

~Sam Insanity Sunshine.


  1. nice blog dude, whos the shit head ?? what a lifeless bastard !! what a fantastic replied...

  2. thanks calvin, people who are weak cowardly hide behind masks

  3. Lol... psychologists using the word "ciao"????? LMAO!