I know how to do it now...


"Finally, I found out the source of my powers"

Dear Diary,
2.15pm at Starbucks (asia cafe)
my greatest finding in journey to self-discovery

The 9 mediums in life that bring me back to life,
the awakening of insanity:

Brash, Callous bi-polarity, Isolation, Music, Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar Hyperactivity, Pain and Speed

When my silence and annoyance is dominant, each of these are not present.
I need to get my fix. I must remember these, or I will forget who I am.

Emotional music touches my soft side, Shouting Screaming, funky loud beat music feeds my insanity.

The only way to harness my powers instantly, is to punch something.

My secret mission is ongoing, 5 months to go.

By the way, I must learn to smile more.

Diary, signing off.

~Sam Insanity Sunshine.

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