Blog Revamped! on halloween....

Hello everyone! This is Sam Insanity speaking.

My gf is forcing me to use this super gay layout.... with a pink background.

I hope you don't mind the gayness ultra gayish gay vibes spewing out of this non-gay blog,
it is seriously WTF and I am totally against it.

She thinks it's cute... FML

Copykate and I. This is how we communicate =)

Well previously, this blog was my personal diary for me to write my feelings into
But it has now been totally revamped into....

A metrosexual blog, the new era of elite men dressing to kill!

Here I will lend out my insights to you on how to be the man that every girl wants.

My blog is officially revived on... Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned...

~Sam Insanity

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to blogging man! Look forward to seeing you at more blogger events as well as Zouk, lol! :)