The useless police.. the perfect Sunday.

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Sunday! Oh praise the lord if I ever believe in him.
(This day totally necessary in our lives. Stress management baby.)

Damned police..

It was after working a night as the Ambassador of Zouk at a chaotic fully packed Zouk Club KL filled with fun dressed-up guests (even Lady Gaga was there) along with and in our giant halloween event, the 'Funhouse Horrors'.

I rode my bicycle home... slipping past the hectic jam piling up from the cars exiting the club and parking lots.

Everyone outside was in a great mood, then SUDDENLY on my way home I and 30 other cars were witnessing 5 men beating up a poor half naked fellow

with a bloody face

at the bus stop in front of the British Council at Jalan Ampang 3.30am.

I dialled 999 emergency line and asked for the police.

Disappointment, to what happened next.

My conversation with the police :-


Me: Are you the police?

Police: Yes. What do you want?

Me: There's a guy being wacked up by 5 other guys at the bus stop in front of the British Council

Police: British Council? That place is very near Bardar Tun Razak police station at Jalan Ampang.

Me: Please hurry.


(They mobilised their units 30 minutes later and called me, told me the culprits got away)...
but that wasn't the biggest disappointment

I was relieved when I came across a police car giving a ticket to another car (bribing as usual). This was just right after calling the line and just 3 minutes leaving the terrible scene.

I stopped the car, and pulled down my window.

Keep in mind I was dressed like this!

My halloween costume before going to Zouk
(make up done by Copykate)

Me: *waving hand frantically out of the car window*

Police: *looking at my costume* What the heck are you supposed to be? Where did you come from?

Me: I just came from Zouk Club KL, I work there.

Police: *surprised face*

Me: Anyway there's a guy being wacked up by 5 other guys at the bus stop in front of the British Council, please go there now!!!

Police: Ok you go back to the scene and call 999, I'm still writing a ticket to this car...


So I left pissed and just went home. Sigh...


Anyway my life everyday isn't so dramatic as the story ^ up there.

the perfect sunday~

I woke up on Sunday afternoon with a smile on my face listening to scratching sounds behind my ear, she cuddled me to her chest.


Me: Smelling her hair, out of the blue I said- 'Lesh go swimming.'

Her: 'Haaaa~?! I don't have a swimming suit, what am I going to wear!'

Me: 'My clothes.'

I opened my windows and smelled the air, and so we went swimming!


I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a 20-year old didn't know how to swim. Srsly?

I was born near the ocean. (I miss the ocean.. I've been stuck in Kuala Lumpur all my life)

I gave her my personal swimming class here...

Before going for the swim:

Her usual self.

My usual self.

Here comes swimming!

I actually got her to catch these very cool photo of me.

The poor girl was drowning :(


After :)

I taught her how to breathe and kick properly!

Yay! (isn't she adorable?)

I took just one day to teach her how to swim!

Us C:

You know what I'm thinking?


So I taught her how to swim in just one day.

Excuse me, but I tend to think about money all the time so

Whoever wants to learn how to swim in one day,
leave your contact details on my comment

I'll charge RM4.00 or a burger per hour......I'm really not serious about this if you thought I was.

Speaking of burgers, I actually ate 5/6 of this 3 kilo Eurodeli pork burger from the Matterhorn Challenge 3 weeks ago along with my new bros Jason Chan, Harinder and Mike Yip with guest appearance by the gorgeous Michelle Lee!

It is bigger than my head. Literally.

Anyways, right after the long swim with my girlfriend (2 hours!?), we went inside and ate noodles (on a side note, this girl can really eat chilli padis).

Then I started telling her about chicken.. the texture and tastes, oh god foodithinkicandieeating!

I told her how I used to try learning how to cook but almost chopped my thumb off.

She didn't really believe me and made her this!

I call it: Chocki BanaNanana~

That's as perfect as a Sunday gets. It's time to eat our indo-mee downstairs for dinner.

To be continued...

~Sam Insanity


  1. I just love the blog... you and your girlfriend are too cute together!

    I am looking forward to seeing more.

  2. aw, thank you so much :) I hope you come here often because it's just too pink for me to handle!