Quitting the addictive Facebook.

Dear Fans, Friends, Family (and curious strangers?)

If you want to know what facebook is doing with your account data, click here.

I am officially dumping facebook as of Friday 26th November 2010.

Piece of shit's been leeching my life force away far too long and keeping me from progress.

There is more to life out there than just facebook.

Facebook is one hell of a drug, you feel you can't live without it.

I've tried quitting, and I failed three times with half-assed attempts.

Only the strong and the brave can stop this addiction with their desire and willpower.

Even though it is evident some day I will be back again, I cannot bear to login 14 times a day any longer.

With all my Mind over my Bodily desires..

I quit Facebook,
You should too.

It will be back to claim me again, but I shall do my very best to live my life controlling facebook, not letting facebook control me.

edit* 3 days later I'm back on.. Fuck.

~Sam Insanity


  1. haha...it's worldwide struggle Sam... addiction around the world:D

  2. not even 3 days and I'm back on :/

  3. Everything is ok in moderation. Instead of simply quitting, you could attempt to just limit yourself to 3 log ins a day. Morning and night.