Car tires slashed

..or so I thought.

Some fucking smelly asshole decided to be educated and deflated my tires.

We wasted a whole hour hunting for mechanics to roll them back to the workshop and pump them back up, and I wasted an extra $20.00 from my already empty wallet.

This poor little immigrant shit imported from Myanmar must have been the joker behind all this.

Reasons for suspicion:

  1. This dickhead was smiling hard for some reason
  2. He tried very hard to avoid eye contact with me and the car while everybody else was staring.
  3. Even though I didn't block the exit, the only person who would give a shit about the car parked nearby the exit would be this useless security guard.
  4. He walked suspiciously fast back into the college when I called him to come here.
  5. Students were all tired from finishing class carrying heavy books walking back home. They would stop for an Audi, not a fucking Kembara.
  6. Construction workers were tired, having a tea break outside sitting down having snacks and a smoke, plus their smart and don’t have time to kill, like the retard.

Tell you how our day started.

It started out with me waking up on lazy Thursday afternoon with sleepy eyes, squirming back and forth on her bed sheets flipping my shotgun to a comfortable position from the infamous heat of Malaysia (you know the feeling).

My girlfriend Copykate bugged me for lunch and we ventured out despite having a lazy mood already set to somewhat crave for her good ol’ home-cooked Campbell’s mushroom soup.

We dragged our lazy arses to somewhere particularly around the area nearby our apartment. Little did we know we would quickly come to regret that decision, as ‘every dog has it's day’.

We circled around twice looking for a parking and I parked my car near Sunway College’s side exit which was locked.

The Lunchbox

Don’t you just hate being short on cash?

We had Butter Fish Rice, Thai Chili Chicken Rice, Loh Mai Kai and my favourite sparkling apple juice at The Lunchbox.

The whole bill came out as $18.00, and $6.00 was in my wallet, hah.

The cashier gave me a disapproving look and I told my girlfriend to wait for me.

I took a 5 minute walk from The Lunchbox wearing small blue hawaiian boxers (embroidered with white flowers), into Sunway University College for the cash machine whilst getting glances all over from girls and gays towards my shotgun, horny envious eyes them be.

Walking back feeling a wee bit richer, I noticed my car slumping oddly on its side halfway returning to The Lunchbox. Looking closely, I saw my tire lying impotent and thought to myself I must have driven over pointed objects. However, I spotted another tire lying pathetically impotent on the dirt and knew this had to be the work of a rat.

Bystanders watching the repairwork.

Car being lifted

Tires unscrewed

Tires removed, I peeked into the hole

Found the asshole’s kidney stone inside, used to deflate my tires

A furious Kate Lee

What a nice day.

Next time I see that shit sucking fly security guard I’ll sock a nice jab to his face.



  1. you should have taken a photo of your hawaiian boxers! bet everyone would love the cute little flowers XD

    it was indeed an unlucky day for you. you forgot the part that you overslept and missed out your pretentation. FYL!

  2. Great blog entry...sorry about your misfortune for the day!

  3. no kate, that wouldve taken another 2 hours -__-

    thanks Tink!